It shouldn't come as a surprise that something like this would happen. When anyone who believes was lost, did you agree with much of what those "Jesus Freaks" said?


Use your heads and a little remembrance. You may not have then forced your view on the "Jesus Freaks", but you certainly didn't support much of what they said.

So why do Christians after being born-again think they can force a morality on the lost, when it didn't work with them?

I'm not against speaking the truth, far from it, what I am against is then feeling or speaking of others as victims when the world lashes out.

Aside from the fact that he has a great wealth that God has blessed him with, Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander", has everlasting life with his God and his Savior.

We, Christians, are not victims, ever, we are victors. We have a future, a wonderful future, an eternal future.

Sometimes we seem to forget that.

We are overcomers. This doesn't change any of that. Phil Robertson can hold his head high, continue to spread the gospel, and continue to impact lives, show or no show.

Do you think that this show was the only way he reached the lost?

Of course not.

What bothers me is that when these things happen, Christians lash out, they feed into and propagate an "us against them" mentality.

Listen, we are not here to battle government, public opinion, GLAAD, LBGT groups, atheists, etc. we are here to spread the gospel, save the lost, calm storms, heal the sick, raise the dead, and share a peace and a joy that cannot be found anywhere else but the name of Jesus.

This is not the time to lash out and speak out in hate, to clash with or try to embarrass those who have caused this tiny bump in Phil Robertson's life.

This is not the time to picket and boycott.

When the disciples of old were facing persecution, it got boots on the ground, it didn't start an uprising in the way most modern Christians see it, it caused an uprising in going out there and sharing the Gospel.

They knew they were not fighting people, they were fighting a spiritual war.

We miss that, a lot.

We end up fighting against all these groups and people and we sully the name of Jesus. But, in our heads we think we are pumping Him up or defending him.

Jesus and Phil Robertson both don't need you to go to war with people in their names.

They both need you to love on people in their names and save some damn lives out there.

Darkness knows how emotional we can get, darkness counts on that, don't you see darkness' fingerprints all over this? All over the states approving things that are against Christian values, etc.?

Darkness is counting on you turning this into an "us against them" battle and pushing away, instead of bringing people into Christ's Kingdom.

Just take some time to think about this, that's all I ask.


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