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Trust, Faith, or Fear?

Deep down the reason that the majority of churches teach mixture is because they are scared to completely trust the Holy Spirit and Christ in someone. It leadsto a fear towards believing that someone actually has Christ in them and the Holy Spirit because they have become so focused on different external evidences and have based a true conversion by their own measurements and their own time frames. The evidence they do see, they question in fear, and it's a direct consequence of their own teachings. Their teachings make converts who learn to walk the walk, and talk the talk, but lack the substance. What they teach is not biblical, but they will manipulate scripture to support their teachings. They are filled with fear that if they taught Grace that people wouldn't measure up to their self imposed standards. Yet Grace is the only thing that will lead to a heart transplant. We know fear's place in Job's life and how satan was able to bring calamity into his life due to tha…

What is really going on?

The thing is that much of what is attributed to God even in "infallible" scripture isn't actually true, it was a relational perception at the time of writing. The Holy Spirit didn't make people robots and have them write beyond their revelation, they wrote as things were revealed to them and things that they believed. If any Christian of today was inspired to write a canon of scripture out of the 43,000+ denominations it would be slanted towards their beliefs.

God doesn't force you to believe something as false if you don't want to. He can try to reveal it to you but if you (speaking of anyone in general) are set in your beliefs He's not going to "make you" believe something about Him. People aren't mindless zombies. People have prejudices and beliefs that are ingrained in them through various teachings or life experiences. Some of those are toxic false beliefs. If you've been taught the sky is green most of your life it's going t…

Is Jesus your BFF?

I've been thinking back to the stories of the garden and Adam's relationship with The Lord. Adam didn't build an altar, Adam wasn't spending all his days on his knees making himself as lowly as he could before God. God wasn't on a stage looking down on Adam, nor on an iron throne with Adam as a peasant or jester in His kingdom. Quite the opposite, God walked with Adam. God gave Adam dominion over a part of His creation, this earth. God brought creatures big and small before Adam to name them. He loved Adam and didn't treat him as a servant, He treated him as a son. Jesus as He walked this earth only did what He saw His Father do and Jesus didn't rule over His disciples, He befriended them. He made friends with many people including sinners and prostitutes. You know, the guys some Christians are protesting or complaining about. His teachings bulldozed right over the beliefs that people had for their rulers, but yet I think many Christians are stuck in the M…

Jesus looked upon the multitude and was moved with compassion.

Jesus looked upon the multitude and was moved with compassion. This was typical of Jesus, He saw people and couldn't help but have compassion for them. What many people miss is that in the multitude were men, women, and children, they were gay, thieves, liars, gossipers, back stabbers, and murderers. Drunks, addicts, bullies, and manipulators. Rapists, child rapists, adulterers, divorced, and a sprinkling of religious zealots. He didn't have compassion for them or a love towards them only when they stopped doing things that those in American Christianity™ prop up as the worst sins, He loved them and had compassion for them while they were embroiled in any and all of these things, simply because they were His children. You see, Jesus didn't love the sinner and hate the sin, He loved people and hated evil. He was wise enough to see that the sins, the missing the mark, of those standing before Him that they were involved with didn't define them, and it wasn't of them. He…