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Jew or gentile?

If you are a gentile, you don't have to indulge in any of the Jewish festivities, it doesn't suddenly make you Jewish, it doesn't make you any holier, it doesn't get you any closer to God than Him being in you, and it certainly doesn't make you any more appealing to God than you already are.
Just be yourself, God knew you would be a gentile before you were born, and He loved you before you were born. Stop trying to be someone else, just be yourself. You are worthy, at least God thought you definitely were when His son died for you, maybe you should start believing that.
You do know they are still waiting for their Messiah, you already know Him, why regress in your relationship with Jesus?

9/11 Memories

My memory of 9/11. Of course everyone remembers where there were. I was in bed with my wife at the time. We had the news on, I was needing to get ready to go to work in a few. I didn't witness the first plane hit, but did see the 2nd plane hit. I knew at that moment it wasn't an accident. I immediately knew it was terrorists, Mid East terrorists, looking back I now know that the reason for my quick assumption was from the mass media indoctrination I was under at the time. I didn't really have a relationship with God at the time, so I was angry, I wanted to kill whomever was responsible. I wanted them all dead. You have to remember, I'm a military brat, I come from a huge military family, 13 aunts and uncles have served, cousins, my brother was a ARMY Ranger, he had served in Desert Storm, I went to enlist after high school but I failed the color test so that dashed my hopes of being a helicopter pilot in the ARMY, so to me that was my first go to, send the troops, blo…