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Fear or Love?

We counsel people to leave relationships that are based on abuse, to not walk in union with those that cause us a true warranted sense of fear and abuse by their very actions, but so many are in exactly that type of relationship with who they perceive their god to be and what they perceive him to be doing in their life.

I am glad that I know my God loves me and gave of Himself because He so deeply desired to have a loving relationship with me! He longed for me to love Him out of true love, not because I'm scared of Him. He provides me mercy, grace, blessings, and so much more, and ALL of His actions in my life prove it.

John 3:16-17, 2 Corinthians 5:15, 1 John 4:9, Jeremiah 29:11, Romans 8:35

I am not a sinner

I don't tell people I'm a sinner because His Word says I'm a Saint, who am I to call God a liar? My God told me that who I am is based on what He did, not what I do. I know what Jesus' Blood is worth and I'm never going to disrespect the price He paid by claiming I'm able to do something to change His purchase of me by any of my actions, good or bad.

Is physical suffering the chastening of the Lord?

We defend suffering in our lives because we say it's the chastening of the Lord or disciplining of the Lord, but I have to disagree. I look to scriptures and watch how Jesus "chastened" or "disciplined" His disciples. Also how He chastened or disciplined those that were clearly in the midst of sin, like the woman caught in adultery, the woman at the well, Zacchaeus, Saul/Paul, or pretty much the multitude that He looked at and had compassion for.

But back to the disciples who spent the most time around Him as He walked the earth, they didn't have a clue what they were doing, they didn't graduate from Bible school, they didn't have degrees or doctorates, they were picking things up on the fly by being in contact with God in flesh, Jesus Christ. They were learning as they walked with Him, some faster than others, some slower than others. They slipped at times, and God was right there with them, He was right there ready to do His chastening and disci…

Does satan have more loyalty than God?

Sometimes it seems that Christians believe that satan has more loyalty to his followers, those unsaved, than God does to His children.

By that I mean that many see destructive things happening in this nation and around the world and they believe it is God's judgment, but we know that the thief comes to steal kill, and destroy, but we assume that the thief is too loyal to his followers to steal from them, kill them, and destroy them and those around them, we incorrectly assume that the enemy only attacks Christians. That God is destroying those walking in unbelief with these natural disasters and other ways to get His payback, and the Christians in those places are just collateral damage.

News flash, satan hates all humans. Whether you have a current relationship with Christ or not, he doesn't care! he wants all humans deceived and destroyed especially those before they have a chance to be drawn to the Father. You get that? he doesn't want to take a chance that the Gospel …

God gets glory by suffering and destruction?

I see Christians posting up pictures of suffering and destruction and they honestly believe they are giving God glory by attributing consequences of living in a fallen world and the devil's work to Him. John 10:10. If God holds our tears in a bottle, I wonder what His tears are being held in when He witnesses not only the actions of those lost that are seduced by darkness, but how His own children perceive Him after the finished work of the cross.

Tempted to give up?

Wanna know the secret to not giving up? Take the choice of giving up off the list of options. 

Yes, it's that simple. 

Your choices don't control you, you control your choices.

Let's talk

I will always call a sin a sin because I know what destruction can come from being seduced by sin, but when dealing with people I'd much rather talk about God's love, and His joy, and His peace, and His freedom, and how being drawn to Him has so changed my life and made me happier than I've ever been even going through some of the worst trials.

If you're going through some stuff and can't figure heads or tails of your life and why you just feel like something is missing even though you feel you have everything you ever wanted, or maybe you feel like your life has never measured up and every time you think you're getting ahead something else goes wrong, message me. Let's talk. You have the questions, He may of given me some of the answers.

We don't have to talk about where you feel you may of fallen short or may have gone wrong, we'll talk about everything Jesus did right and how much He gave to show you His love instead. I look forward to hearing…

Take out the log before looking at my speck?

We sometimes defend ourselves, or others, and say that our brother should take the log out of their eye before looking at ours or someones speck, and we walk on feeling vindicated. I just have one question...

How's your speck feeling to you right about now? 

Think maybe it's time to do something about it instead of defending it with someones log? Their log doesn't have anything to do with your speck. You're missing the big picture.