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The world as a whole needs Real Jesus

The world as a whole, everyone in it, needs the Real Jesus, that I have to even say that means people haven't been listening. But, the world cannot know the Real Jesus until the church as a whole gets to know Him. That is the problem I am addressing in frustration with many of my posts. How can you send out missionaries to reach the world, or even your own backyard, for Jesus, when all the majority of American Christian™ churches do is teach people about the same false god those in the world, or in your own backyard, already worship only with a clever name change to "Jesus?" That makes no sense. So before people can meet the Real Jesus, the people tasked with sharing Him with the world need to know Him. That is simple logic. So people say how can you be so certain? How can you be so sanctimonious? Who are you to say who is following Jesus and who is not? What made you the unofficial spokesman for the Real Jesus? Keep your prattling on to yourself we don't want to he…

The world needs the Real Jesus

When tragedies like mass shootings happen people say that what is needed is "Jesus." This country claims to be a Christian nation. What is it? Just under 80% claim to be Christians in this country? So statistically speaking, they already have the "Jesus" these people speak of. So I wholeheartedly disagree when I hear people saying the country needs their Americanized version of "Jesus." This country is in the state it is in because of the "Jesus" that American churches teach. They teach an American Jesus™, a violent, enemy hating, bipolar, immigrant despising, refugee casting away, vengeance loving, psychopathic, torture lusting, barbaric, over fed, loud mouthed, racist, uneducated blonde haired, blue eyed fraud, that desires comfort and selfishness over servitude and selflessness. So no, this country doesn't need the American Jesus™ that these fools talk about all the time, this country is in fact in dire, desperate need of the "Real …