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God gives and takes away? Really?

Have you been caught in the trap of bad theology? How about this one? 'The Lord gives and takes away'. There's even a song that I actually like except for that particular verse. There are sermons about it, many devotionals and it's like people base their entire beliefs around this single verse taken out of context.

Job himself admits, humbled, that he was speaking from a place of ignorance, thathe misunderstood what was happening and specifically God Himself. The book was written for us to learn from Job and his friends mistakes, not duplicate them.

We don't have to be ignorant of God's character, we simply need to look at Jesus and think of all the times He gave good things and then took them away.... I'll give you a minute to count them... What number did you come up with?

Listen, it's one thing to praise the Lord no matter the circumstance, THAT is biblically supported, THAT is how you deal with things, THAT is how I roll, THAT is what I do, but the the…