God gives and takes away? Really?

Have you been caught in the trap of bad theology? How about this one? 'The Lord gives and takes away'. There's even a song that I actually like except for that particular verse. There are sermons about it, many devotionals and it's like people base their entire beliefs around this single verse taken out of context.

Job himself admits, humbled, that he was speaking from a place of ignorance, that he misunderstood what was happening and specifically God Himself. The book was written for us to learn from Job and his friends mistakes, not duplicate them.

We don't have to be ignorant of God's character, we simply need to look at Jesus and think of all the times He gave good things and then took them away.... I'll give you a minute to count them... What number did you come up with? 

Listen, it's one thing to praise the Lord no matter the circumstance, THAT is biblically supported, THAT is how you deal with things, THAT is how I roll, THAT is what I do, but the theology based on this misunderstood verse is not about that, it's sort of enough truth to make people feel content, but not enough to free people from the bondage to circumstances. 

God is not a child abuser, He doesn't play mind games with us, and He is not punishing you, His Son already was victorious and gave His life for the world. We have His Holy Spirit, Christ in us, and scripture, that is all we need to learn from. If God himself in us can't teach us something, then a traumatic moment in our life certainly wont either. Think about that long and hard. 

We don't need God to wreck our lives to teach us something. That is a lie, it's bad theology, and it all comes from backwards teaching and too many are afraid to deal with that their favorite pastor or mentor could be wrong about things, or that they believed something that wasn't true for years.

Look, if you realize some of the stuff you learned was misunderstood or wrong, it's ok, it's not a big deal. It happens. And also, even if you decide you want to continue to believe that God is your source of problems it's not going to affect your relationship with Jesus, He will still love you and bless you regardless, but....

If you don't repent (change your mind/way of thinking), what it will do is cause you to look at things that God has given so much to free you from, has given so much to give you dominion over, has given so much to give you the power to crush what is coming against you, and you're going to accept these storms into your home and your life and you'll let circumstances, turmoil, and the enemy run free in your life and you'll go around misrepresenting God and His character to others.

Not cool.

You see, this isn't written to prove one person right and one person wrong. Far from it, it's written so people will walk in the power Jesus went to the cross to give us. I want to walk in power, I want to speak to storms in my life. I want the enemy to be discouraged to even look at me wrong because he knows that whatever he tries to throw at me, one word makes it fizzle out. I want you to realize that power as well. You do not need to be a slave to storms.


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