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Jesus approved of violence? Really?

It's always amusing when people renounce the fact that Jesus was against violence by saying when He said if someone "slaps your cheek, show them the other cheek," it was just related to insult, not physical violence. The reason it's amusing is because just before saying the words they use to come to this strange conclusion by using mental gymnastics to defend their use of violence, and discount His meaning, He set up the message, and what He was speaking of, by very clearly referring directly to "an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth." And that, my friend, can in no way, shape, or, form be looked at as referring to an insult, that is obviously a very real, and very physical, act against someone if you in fact know why that issue was addressed in the OT. He also concludes by saying to love your enemies, and to pray for those who persecute you. And, no, He wasn't speaking of the Western world's form of persecution, He was speaking of very real, very physi…


While me and many of the people the church call the "hell bound" are singing "Hosanna!!!" in heaven, I can already imagine the loud chants trying to silence our celebration from many Christians screaming "Heresy!!!"

Cheering the "hell bound?"

I can just imagine their disappointment when many Christians find out they won't really be able to stand over a cliff looking into hell, cheering at gay people, Muslims, atheist, and whomever else they choose to call an "enemy" being tortured.

Will you like Heaven?

I sincerely believe that when many Christians get to heaven that they will hate their surroundings, they will hate the people that are there, and they will actually accuse God of being a heretic when they see all the ones they cursed to hell, laughing, playing, dancing, drinking, and being filled with an unimaginable joy. If you can't get along with your neighbors, all neighbors, even the gay ones, the Muslim ones, the atheist ones, the conservative or liberal ones, now, I hate to break it to you, you certainly wont like heaven because you're gonna see more of them there than you can imagine. #Godisaheretic #JesusSavioroftheuniverse

What kinds of Christians are there?

I've seen political Christians, racist Christians, murderous Christians, judgmental Christians, doubting Christians, nasty Christians, self righteous Christians, gluttonous Christians, vain Christians, selfish Christians, addicted Christians, impolite Christians, speeding Christians, slow Christians, intelligent Christians, ignorant Christians, manipulative Christians, dirty Christians, gossiping Christians, vindictive Christians, conservative Christians, liberal Christians, giving Christians, greedy Christians, unsympathetic Christians, FOX News watching Christians, self-centered Christians, dishonest Christians, sex crazed Christians, cursing Christians, fearful Christians, sick Christians, violent Christians, pacifist Christians, war-mongering Christians, black, white, red, yellow, brown, green, purple, Christians, angry Christians, depressed Christians, anxious Christians, uncertain Christians, hypocritical Christians, Zionist Christians, un-Christ like Christians, turn or bur…

Master or jailer?

It is impossible to legislate the world into behaving as followers of Christ. It is darkness inspired to force the world into behaving as followers of Christ. Satan doesn't care how you behave, no matter how pious, as long as your heart is still far from light. Jesus' way is to change hearts, not to force minds. Learn and walk in the true way of the Master, not the way of the jailer.

Freedom or oppression?

We have long benefited from freedom of religion, in fact freedom of many things as Christians in this country. When the church then goes above and beyond to take away, or oppress freedoms from other peoples they are really treading on a slippery slope from being sons to being dictators. From Christlikeness to darkness. Christ provides freedom. Even freedom to make foolish choices, as well as a freedom from foolish choices. Darkness provides oppression. Darkness forces it's way into your choices, and imprisons you to them. We cannot take attributes of darkness and cover them in sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows, and then call it good. That's not the gospel, it is not the way of Jesus, and it never was.

Question time.

Rhetorical question time:

Biblically is it more important for followers of Christ to be involved in politics, or in healing the sick, feeding the poor, and caring for widows and orphans?

Let me clean up this feces.

God is angry, He is judging America, He supports violent retributive acts, He endorses genocide, He gives you cancer, He took your job, He destroys families, He supports political parties, He supports legislation to force morality on people, He hates gay people, He hates Muslims, He hates atheists, He only loves a chosen group, He is foaming at the mouth to fry up a few billion worthless humans?

Excuse me as I wipe up this nonsense and put it where it belongs.

Bad use of the bible.

As the slave masters used the bible to justify slavery, violent men use the bible to justify their evil deeds.

Islam is the only violent religion?

 don't think those that always talk about how Islam is a violent religion have ever really read the OT.

Are you worshipping Christ or something else?

It really is sad. Way too frequently a church opens up in America that teaches a community to worship an amalgamation of Greek, Roman, and Egyptian gods and the real Jesus image of God get's locked away. It is becoming a normal occurrence that those in power don't feel people are responsible enough to handle the complete, accurate image of God that is so exceedingly, abundantly, scandalously good. It's a shame that these facilities call themselves Christian, when they don't teach to follow the one true God, Jesus Christ, but to follow Zeus, Hades, Ra, Horus, Mars, Janus, etc. Is Jesus in your church or counterfeits? One good way of finding out is whether your church seems to draw all the ragamuffins of this world, as our Savior did, or just a bunch of white washed tombs.

Church in politics?

The church will always fail at legislating their view of morality.

Maybe that's why Jesus didn't get involved in the politics of His day, which incidentally those ruling in His day were much, much worse than those ruling today.

Is God a deadbeat dad?

Why did bad theology make people think of God the same as they would a deadbeat dad? My God is not a deadbeat dad! He loves His kids and His kids are priceless to Him, He longs from the depth of His heart to be involved in all aspects of His kids lives. He doesn't think His kids are worthless, He doesn't think they are a mistake, He isn't sickened looking at them, He doesn't look at them with regret. That's utter nonsense and complete bull to say my Abba is like that! My God will go to any length, travel to the ends of the universe, give all that He has for His kids, and guess what? You're His kid too, no matter how much bad theology calls you, and tries to convince you, that you're an illegitimate child. He isn't hiding from you, never was, and it doesn't take a court order for Him to want to love and support you. God doesn't love you because it's some kind of a legal requirement, because one act made Him stop wanting to punt you into a furnace, H…

Convicted church?

So the church is so convicted that they have to preach messages against homosexuality and get involved with politics to force morality on the world, yet they seem to hardly ever address the racism and bigotry that is prevalent in the Western church, and their communities, which is actually a very real and disheartening issue.

If God would judge America for anything, it'd be that...

God is judging America!!!

God is not doing anything bad to America, he actually wants us all young, old, black, white, asian, native, latino, jewish, indian, muslim, etc. to come to know Him in this country so we can be filled with Love and have a giving heart towards all, around the world, and guide more into a freedom filled, life giving relationship with Him. Blood moons, harbingers, storms, torturous wrath, all that nonsense is not how He operates, drop your messed up view of the book of revelation, and the ignorant view those in the OT had of God, and realize the depth of John 3:16 and the absolute lengths He is willing to go to bring His children home. God is Love, Love is perfectly defined in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. Jesus came to clear up the image of God in the eyes of those misled in the OT about the character of God. Don't regress into being blinded to who He is by fear mongering, ignorant speakers that have an economical or sociological interest in keeping people lapping up their vomit, and that stil…

Read your bible... The right way.

I think a slightly better tagline would be read the bible in light of the finished work of Christ, the law of love, the Holy Spirit, and using right division.

There are 43,000 denominations that all share the same bible, the kkk uses the bible, and various other cults, and usually what has infected their interpretations are not believing, or knowing, that the work of Jesus made a difference, not using a lens of love by not understanding that the number one attribute of their God is Love, letting their own emotions or biases lead them to interpret things a certain way, which usually is in a manner to read into it that their god hates the same people they seem to hate, or is a task master like their earthly father or early influences were, and not knowing the who, what, why, and when regarding a particular scripture.

Mix that in with a little bit of believing that someone with letters behind their name knows more, when they simply were taught the specific theology of what the college…