Are you worshipping Christ or something else?

It really is sad. Way too frequently a church opens up in America that teaches a community to worship an amalgamation of Greek, Roman, and Egyptian gods and the real Jesus image of God get's locked away.
It is becoming a normal occurrence that those in power don't feel people are responsible enough to handle the complete, accurate image of God that is so exceedingly, abundantly, scandalously good.
It's a shame that these facilities call themselves Christian, when they don't teach to follow the one true God, Jesus Christ, but to follow Zeus, Hades, Ra, Horus, Mars, Janus, etc.
Is Jesus in your church or counterfeits? One good way of finding out is whether your church seems to draw all the ragamuffins of this world, as our Savior did, or just a bunch of white washed tombs.


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