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Faith vs. Trust - Fides vs. Pistis By Kenneth Schortgen, Jr.

So then trust [cometh] by hearing, moreover hearing by the [spoken] word of God.   Romans 10:17

Recently I wrote an article on the Wisdom of Faith that the Lord and the Holy Spirit showed me as I have journeyed in the wilderness the last 8 months, and the scope of His Wisdom opened doors to the truth and understanding of Faith I could never dream of on my own.

However, shortly after receiving His Wisdom on the three stages of faith, I was led to discover that most believers are in bondage because of the very word faith. It isn’t implied that believers MEANT to do this, on the contrary, the bondage was inflicted by the very translators of the New Testament going back to the time of Nicea.

When we look at the New Testament, and see all the scripture that have the word Faith in them, they look innocuous don’t they? And in fact, they seem to RESONATE within us as being what the Lord wants us to do as we strive towards righteousness.

Mat 6:30
Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass…

Is God the real "Bad Teacher"?

When thinking about the best teachers in my life I notice a common thread, they were patient, they were caring, they believed in me, they never gave up, they never caused me to feel shame no matter how block headed I was at times, they always had a word of positive reinforcement for me, and they would go over things with me, with no complaints, as many times and is took for me to get it and then share in my joy when I had the "aha" moment. They treated me in a way that I wanted to reach my true potential, I wanted to exceed expectations, I wanted to bring them a smile, and I wanted them to know what they invested in me wasn't wasted. An experience like that really sticks with you.

I had my share of bad teachers as well. They were impatient, I would feel ashamed when I made a mistake, I felt like I could never do good enough, they were short, very brash about things, made you fearful to mess up, weren't someone you could go and ask questions, no matter how sorry I wa…