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Today I am thankful to God for giving me the strength to forgive myself so that I can forgive others. Forgiveness is a difficult thing but I was blessed to have a good friend guided by God to help me.

Easy being bad

"It's easy to be bad, it's hard to be good." - MC Hammer


Vengeance is the way of the fool that doesn't realize that by not seeking revenge they have already won!


Today I am going to assume that in none of my encounters with any person that they are trying to take advantage of me.


"Why's everybody want to be somebody when they already have a body? All it takes for you to be somebody is that you have a body. All it takes for you to be someone is that you live under the sun. That's all it takes, for you to be. That's all it takes for you to be somebody. Even the people that you think are somebody, just remember that they have a body just like your body." - Sean Jordan

Mean something

Our prayers must mean something to us if they are to mean anything to God. Do not make prayer a monologue, make it a conversation.

Get to know them

I wonder how insecure, guilt ridden and scared some people must be to go to such great lengths to ostracize and portray a very nice, well mannered, polite and respectful man as something he's not. Why do some people not question what is clearly an untruth in front of them simply because a friend or family member says it's so? The only way to truly know someone is to get to know that person.