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The only legalist are law following legalists?

I've noticed that following the law or following grace doesn't define whether you are, or are not, a legalist, your heart does. I've seen followers of legalism, that are stubborn and unwilling to compromise, back down, or live in harmony or grace in both camps. The ones that behave like that in the grace camp worry me the most, they don't have any excuse or justification for that type of behavior.

Interpretation: the greatest idol.

I've found when discussing the scriptures with others that we don't disagree, or debate, the words written, we disagree, or debate, over the interpretation.

I find as humans that type of mentality infiltrates more than just books, it infiltrates our interactions with those we are in relationship with, or that we speak with in passing.

We seem to place so much value on our own interpretations of a variety of things, that we end up elevating an interpretation, no matter how false it may end up being, above Love.

We stop walking in Love because we in fact have made our interpretations of things, whether it's due to past experiences, hurt, pain, our self centered wisdom, or a variety of other things, into an idol. An idol that rules our lives.

We don't have to live like this.

We have a better way.

We know a better Way, Truth, and Life.

Let's walk in Love, and only Love.

What do we really have to lose walking in His way, walking in Love?

What is the value?

When you are willing to discard relationships over petty things, it shows the value the relationship actually had to you.

If something is of value, no matter the circumstances, you treat it as such and put all you can into restoration.

You walk in humility, you don't argue over "rights", you are quick to forgive, and slow to anger.

Above all, you do not walk in judgment, your immediate thought isn't that the actions of another were for any selfish, or insensitive purposes, rather that they made an innocent mistake and you show them grace and welcome them home to your arms.

We can learn a lesson from Jesus when He spoke of a lost sheep, a lost coin, and a lost son.

We can learn a lesson from Jesus when He went to a cross for those that cried for His death.

The common denominator in His parables, and his actions at the cross, was that He was motivated by the value of the things that were lost, and the ones that crucified Him.

Because of that value, the return and …

Change your mind.

A Christian has been equipped to monitor and change their thought life, change their mind, change their self-talk, it requires them to place their focus on Christ and not on themselves, their rights, their expectations, their demands.

Lets do this, guys, we can change the world by changing our thought life.


Grace and mercy for all, or for some?

I cringe when I notice myself, or others, giving more grace and mercy to a stranger than we do our own family members or people in other close relationships with us.

It's doubly disturbing when it happens in a marriage, or committed relationship, where the couple should be a 3 stranded cord with God.

It's not of God for us to behave in this manner, we fool ourselves if we believe we are acting in agreement with Him.

Actions directed by Love are always the better way, always.

Labels for people?

Christians should be the last to label people. All of those we read about in scripture could have been labeled in one way or another, mostly negative, and yet God had an amazing purpose in store for them all, regardless of their past or present status, and saw them simply as His beloved.

We need to stop cursing other with labels and simply see them as "His beloved."

The very least that would happen is that there'd be a lot less drama.

No forgiveness?

Forgiveness should be a hallmark of a Christian.

More of God?

I never ask God for more of Him.


I thank Him that I have all of Him.

No Grace? No Jesus.

A grace-less Christian, is a Jesus-less Christian.

Bad things, really bad things.

Bad things are not from God. Even if they turn out well in the end. He is never the author, cause, or bringer of evil, even if ultimately He can draw a benefit out of it.

You see God has an amazing way of redeeming seemingly unredeemed things. Whether it's people or circumstances, He can bring redemption and restoration out of any and all circumstances, but that doesn't mean He is the One who causes them all.

Don't get caught up in a mixed mentality of Christ and Judaism, Greek, Roman, or Egyptian mythology, and karma.

God = good
Darkness = bad
God = the ultimate Mr. Fix-it
Satan = the ultimate saboteur

It must be tiring to be such a good God and be accused of such bad things by mixed up kids that were taught incorrectly.