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Inviting spiritual warfare

You know, I realize that the enemy does attack us frequently, I will never, ever, say he doesn't, but I'm not far from being convinced that some go through much more spiritual warfare because they focus so much on spiritual warfare and it completely infiltrates and fills their beliefs to the point where their world revolves around spiritual warfare and they end up inadvertently opening a door to these attacks.

I base this on the experience of focusing completely on God's love, peace, mercy, and grace and letting it so infiltrate and fill your beliefs to the point where you end up walking and living out a love, peace, mercy, and grace that most people, even Christians, don't understand or find confusing. Your whole world revolves around God's love, peace, mercy, and grace and no matter what comes against you, that's what manifests itself in your life and actions.

Eating meat sacrificed to idols

If eating meat sacrificed to idols is ok according to His Word, then eating halal foods, dressing up for Halloween, and having a Christmas tree doesn't make a Christian a pagan. If you have a problem with it you have a weak conscience, it doesn't make those who indulge in these things satanic or false Christians in the least bit.

Out of love Christians should not purposefully flaunt these things in front of those who take offense, and those who take offense also should not actively seek out those who do these things to complain about it. Put simply, this theology of man that keeps being spread at various times of the year and causes nothing but puffed out chests, false judgments, accusations, and discourse needs to stop, it's not Biblically supported. Read: 1 Cor. 8:1-13

God's will is to heal

In the Bible Jesus spoke the words that God's will is to heal, so when we come across those needing healing instead of speaking in these long speeches, reasoning, begging, bartering, cajoling God, and asking him "if it's your will", simply speak the word and walk in faith that it is done. We are to be His hands on earth, we walk in faith and trust that what He has promised is done and accomplished, He takes care of the details of how, when, where, and the outer evidence.

Understanding God's Grace

I still marvel at how quickly the thief on the cross understood God's Grace and how some after many years, or decades, still don't understand God's Grace.

Great commission

The great commission requires you to actually go to where the lost are and love on them, not lock yourself away with the found and judge them. Food for thought.

Are you in disagreement with another Christian?

Meditate on this, by way of Frank Viola, check him out on his webpage,

Civil disagreement and even debate, when done in the spirit of Christ, are healthy and helpful.

But when disagreements descend into second-guessing motives, distortions of one another’s words, mischaracterizations of one another’s views, and personal attacks, then we’ve moved into the flesh.

The net is that the name of Jesus gets tarnished in no small way.

So how do we change that?

Here are 7 points to consider the next time you think you have a possible disagreement with another Christian:

1. Go to them privately and ask them what they meant by what they said, did, or wrote or what they allegedly said, did, or wrote. Jesus said to go to your brother/sister in private if we have an issue with them. Since we don’t want to misrepresent others in public, going to them directly helps prevent this. And you would want the same treatment if the shoe happened to be on your fo…

What should reading scripture feel like?

Reading scripture should always lead you to feel good, feel hope, feel Christ pop off the pages. If anyone is teaching you that reading scripture is supposed to leave you feeling want, feeling oppressed, feeling guilt, they are preaching a false gospel.

What about the wounds of your past?

I enjoyed this, by way of RefineUs Ministries,

Author Brennan Manning says this in his book, Abba’s Child:

In a futile attempt to erase our past, we deprive the community of our healing gift. If we conceal our wounds out of fear and shame, our inner darkness can neither be illuminated nor become a light for others.

What if your past could be leveraged to heal? What if your greatest failures could help others avoid failure? What if the wounds you’ve accumulated could be healing balm to others who are wounded? What if the abuse you’ve experienced could set others free from the pain of their abuse? What if your addiction could be a catalyst to liberate others?

What if freedom, true freedom is found not in trying to hide our past; pretending like nothing happened, but in running head first into the darkest parts of our past. It is there that Jesus’ light shines brightest.

Fear will tell you to hide. Shame will demand you keep quiet. The…

Are you preaching the right repentance?

Some preach very heavily about repentance, and that is something I wholeheartedly support. But, too many are preaching the wrong type of repentance and I wonder if they honestly know they are doing it.

Repentance in the New Testament, is METANOIA in Greek. It means a change of mind. Particularly it is pertaining to changing our mind from belief in a righteousness that is "here today, gone tomorrow" that can be achieved by our self efforts, to a sustaining, "forever" righteousness that is available completely by a belief in who Jesus Christ is.

However, the "'prick our heart", "tearful regret" repentance is METAMELOMAI. This was what Judas did in Matthew 27:3. In the KJV it says Judas repented himself, other versions say Judas was remorseful, or filled with regret.

Now which is being taught? The type that brings life, or the type that brings death? The type that carries a believer into joy in all circumstance and a longing to be in Union wi…

Who's voice? His or darkness?

I wonder how many Christians would be surprised to find out that this "Holy Spirit conviction" that is making them feel like they don't measure up, that they are failing God, that they are not righteous, and that they can't do anything right by God, is actually the voice of the enemy?

What are you zealous about?

Why is it so easy for Christians to make entire doctrines about a single scripture, mostly taken out of context with the other verses surrounding it, the preceding chapters, or to whom it was directed to in the first place and then follow this doctrine with fiery zeal, heralding it as a command from the Lord, but yet find it so hard to follow His very simple, clearly stated, and non debatable command to love God and love people?

Are you following Levitical laws?

With all this following of Levitical laws I see by some Christians I'm wondering why more of them aren't following Leviticus 14:33-57. I know some have mildew in their homes.

Fear or Love?

We counsel people to leave relationships that are based on abuse, to not walk in union with those that cause us a true warranted sense of fear and abuse by their very actions, but so many are in exactly that type of relationship with who they perceive their god to be and what they perceive him to be doing in their life.

I am glad that I know my God loves me and gave of Himself because He so deeply desired to have a loving relationship with me! He longed for me to love Him out of true love, not because I'm scared of Him. He provides me mercy, grace, blessings, and so much more, and ALL of His actions in my life prove it.

John 3:16-17, 2 Corinthians 5:15, 1 John 4:9, Jeremiah 29:11, Romans 8:35

I am not a sinner

I don't tell people I'm a sinner because His Word says I'm a Saint, who am I to call God a liar? My God told me that who I am is based on what He did, not what I do. I know what Jesus' Blood is worth and I'm never going to disrespect the price He paid by claiming I'm able to do something to change His purchase of me by any of my actions, good or bad.

Is physical suffering the chastening of the Lord?

We defend suffering in our lives because we say it's the chastening of the Lord or disciplining of the Lord, but I have to disagree. I look to scriptures and watch how Jesus "chastened" or "disciplined" His disciples. Also how He chastened or disciplined those that were clearly in the midst of sin, like the woman caught in adultery, the woman at the well, Zacchaeus, Saul/Paul, or pretty much the multitude that He looked at and had compassion for.

But back to the disciples who spent the most time around Him as He walked the earth, they didn't have a clue what they were doing, they didn't graduate from Bible school, they didn't have degrees or doctorates, they were picking things up on the fly by being in contact with God in flesh, Jesus Christ. They were learning as they walked with Him, some faster than others, some slower than others. They slipped at times, and God was right there with them, He was right there ready to do His chastening and disci…

Does satan have more loyalty than God?

Sometimes it seems that Christians believe that satan has more loyalty to his followers, those unsaved, than God does to His children.

By that I mean that many see destructive things happening in this nation and around the world and they believe it is God's judgment, but we know that the thief comes to steal kill, and destroy, but we assume that the thief is too loyal to his followers to steal from them, kill them, and destroy them and those around them, we incorrectly assume that the enemy only attacks Christians. That God is destroying those walking in unbelief with these natural disasters and other ways to get His payback, and the Christians in those places are just collateral damage.

News flash, satan hates all humans. Whether you have a current relationship with Christ or not, he doesn't care! he wants all humans deceived and destroyed especially those before they have a chance to be drawn to the Father. You get that? he doesn't want to take a chance that the Gospel …

God gets glory by suffering and destruction?

I see Christians posting up pictures of suffering and destruction and they honestly believe they are giving God glory by attributing consequences of living in a fallen world and the devil's work to Him. John 10:10. If God holds our tears in a bottle, I wonder what His tears are being held in when He witnesses not only the actions of those lost that are seduced by darkness, but how His own children perceive Him after the finished work of the cross.

Tempted to give up?

Wanna know the secret to not giving up? Take the choice of giving up off the list of options. 

Yes, it's that simple. 

Your choices don't control you, you control your choices.

Let's talk

I will always call a sin a sin because I know what destruction can come from being seduced by sin, but when dealing with people I'd much rather talk about God's love, and His joy, and His peace, and His freedom, and how being drawn to Him has so changed my life and made me happier than I've ever been even going through some of the worst trials.

If you're going through some stuff and can't figure heads or tails of your life and why you just feel like something is missing even though you feel you have everything you ever wanted, or maybe you feel like your life has never measured up and every time you think you're getting ahead something else goes wrong, message me. Let's talk. You have the questions, He may of given me some of the answers.

We don't have to talk about where you feel you may of fallen short or may have gone wrong, we'll talk about everything Jesus did right and how much He gave to show you His love instead. I look forward to hearing…

Take out the log before looking at my speck?

We sometimes defend ourselves, or others, and say that our brother should take the log out of their eye before looking at ours or someones speck, and we walk on feeling vindicated. I just have one question...

How's your speck feeling to you right about now? 

Think maybe it's time to do something about it instead of defending it with someones log? Their log doesn't have anything to do with your speck. You're missing the big picture.

Are you a new man or woman?

If you are a new man, a new creation in Christ, then why do you allow an accusation from your past to define you? There is only one accuser of the brethren. Stop worrying or thinking about what someone from the past throws in your face and take hold and believe the truth of who you are now in Christ. They cannot put Jesus' Blood back in His body and take Him off the cross with their accusations and they can't take that Blood covering and forgiveness off of you either. You are not your past, you are innocent, you have been washed clean. Is that not what He says in His word? Let God be true and that accusing man a liar. Who cares if they don't understand or like it, you serve and trust God, not man or satan.

A sprinkling of my thoughts shared with tears from my eyes

A sprinkling of my thoughts shared with tears from my eyes.

I cry over the blood lust of some Christians. Some go so far out of their way, crying for blood, to diminish the Grace of God and to malign those who preach of this Grace. It's as if their hopes, dreams, and prayers are that God is an unjust god who upon being victorious over a defeated foe, sin and the devil, then decides to place that serpent right back on a throne to cause destruction in His children's lives over and over again. Not only that but their god will allow that snake to have his hands on them for an eternity, as these Christians blinded by hate watch and celebrate in glee. Is that how foolish some Christians see God, how incompetent they view him? Is that how demented some of those that should know Him really are in their disturbed minds? Seriously?

What kind of god is that unfaithful?

Not my God.

What kind of follower of Christ has such a hunger for destruction?

That is what those who speak against Grace te…