Are you preaching the right repentance?

Some preach very heavily about repentance, and that is something I wholeheartedly support. But, too many are preaching the wrong type of repentance and I wonder if they honestly know they are doing it.

Repentance in the New Testament, is METANOIA in Greek. It means a change of mind. Particularly it is pertaining to changing our mind from belief in a righteousness that is "here today, gone tomorrow" that can be achieved by our self efforts, to a sustaining, "forever" righteousness that is available completely by a belief in who Jesus Christ is.

However, the "'prick our heart", "tearful regret" repentance is METAMELOMAI. This was what Judas did in Matthew 27:3. In the KJV it says Judas repented himself, other versions say Judas was remorseful, or filled with regret.

Now which is being taught? The type that brings life, or the type that brings death? The type that carries a believer into joy in all circumstance and a longing to be in Union with God, or the type that led Judas into suicide and seeking a separation from God?

I think many Pastors are preaching the very wrong kind and have a miserable, depressed flock that feels distant from God and have no idea how God actually sees them in light of the righteousness of Christ.



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