Arizona Senate Bill 1062

About the bill in Arizona for those confused or not sure what is going on, I will repeat some things a few times because they say it takes people hearing something 3 times to get it:

The fact of the matter is that the states where business owners were sued had laws in place that prohibit discrimination over sexual preference, aka being homosexual. 

Arizona does not have a law against discriminating against homosexuals, so it is impossible for anyone in AZ to be sued over not serving a homosexual person. So this bill is redundant and ignorant. People need to know the facts.

If you have a problem with your State laws, you have to change your State laws.

Arizona does not have a law against discrimination for sexual preference, so if you are a business owner in a different state that wants to not have to abide by YOUR STATE LAWS, move to Arizona.

But again, there is no need for this bill, because sexual preference is NOT PROTECTED in Arizona.

Discrimination for sex, race, religion, are all protected in Arizona, the only thing not protected is sexual orientation, so that is the only thing this bill can be used to refuse service against.

In some states discrimination for sexual orientation is protected by law, I don't know why that is so hard to understand.

The states where people were sued have anti discrimination laws that protect sexual orientation, not all states include sexual orientation in a protected status.

Arizona is one of the states that does not hold sexual orientation as a protected status so this bill is not necessary. You are free to discriminate, or whatever you wish to call it, based on sexual orientation.

If you live in a state where sexual preference is protected, and you refuse service you are breaking the law. It's that simple.

I can sympathize with you. Your alternatives are to change your state laws or move...

I wanted to add for those that aren't aware, the "Religious Freedom Restoration Act" has been on the books since 1999 in Arizona protecting your religious freedoms.

This is an amendment to it allowing "businesses" to refuse service on religious basis towards non protected groups. "Persons" such as yourself were already protected by this act since 1999.

But again regarding homosexuals, in Arizona, you can fire, discriminate, refuse service, etc. homosexuals currently in Arizona. They are not a protected group in our anti discrimination laws.


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