Doctrinal traditions of man

Christians have to remember when it comes to their theology that many of their doctrines could actually be traditions of man or interpretations influenced by their own emotions, thoughts, or biases. We can also affect our interpretation or doctrines by how we envision God, that's why it's important to have a correct view of God as Father not as destroyer, or you will color that image into all that you read, Holy Spirit or not.

There have been various revelations as time progressed since the writing of scripture, some true, some not so. To be so close-minded and dogmatic about your beliefs without acknowledging that your beliefs may in fact not be as accurate as you believe them to be does Jesus a disservice. That is why we must be always open to learn, but in that same respect if things are centered around killing, stealing, or destroying, we should really take pause before receiving that as truth.

Yes, I know, our walk is by faith, that includes faith in our beliefs, but above all our faith is to be in Christ, not our theology. As important as doctrines are, no doctrine in and of itself has actually ever saved anyone, belief and faith in Jesus Himself is what truly saves. Sometimes we have the habit of elevating our doctrines above Jesus.

Scripture itself reminds us that no one has "arrived", so we must be careful, especially in our interactions with the lost, that we don't allow our stubbornness over doctrine to cause us to act anything but Christ-like towards those that desperately need to see Christ, not theology.

You are safest by simply loving the unsaved as Christ did with no judgment or condemnation instead of hating them, or constantly pointing out their failure to live up to some level of "goodness" that you theologically believe.

Don't forget Martin Luther, not the King, shook up his world when he nailed his thesis on the door. His beliefs were considered heresy and the majority of the church probably thought he was out of his mind, but look where we are now embracing them as truth. So doctrine, be careful on allowing that to get in the way of your love for the lost.

We should be known more for our Christ rather than the things we are against. Being the town-crier of right and wrong doesn't really do any saving or leading to His Kingdom, and that's why Jesus didn't act that way, nor teach His disciples to behave that way.


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