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Snowflakes in the Desert

We used to share everything from a diamond to a rose,
and when somebody asked you, the love for me it showed.
Now that I feel the loss of you, I don’t have much of a clue,
My world is telling me all the wrong things to do.
I feel so confused, but you see something other than my words,
I float through a shiny window through a tapestry of birds.
If I knew, my life would be merry, I’d be so complete today,
But in this world I’m used to, the answer is the wrong thing to say.
My world is a desert with heat that never goes away,
I wake up to voices that blow my haze astray.
Did you know, your hair is like rain drops, your eyes can see right into my soul,
My soul is like a bed of flowers, but all you envision is musty coal.
We used to dream, so it seemed, about all the things we would try,
It seemed the only thing that we’d do right together was cry.
Then you walked, and you talked, so normal and routine, the sky got so cloudy, the wind came from nowhere, I remember a wondrous scene.…