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Misery or Joy of the Lord?

I've heard it said by Christians that we aren't supposed to be having a good time here, that we have a mission and having a good time enjoying things takes us away from that.
We're to bring heaven to earth, how is not having a good time heavenly? Every Christian should be having a good time. That's what a relationship with Christ gives you in the depth of your heart, a happiness and joy that blows minds.
Your joy and exuberance that just escapes from all of your pores as you enjoy God's creation and where He has placed you on this earth is a testimony to those watching.
Sack cloth and ashes are for those in mourning, and a way to beg or cajole by those that don't have an intimate relationship with their Father, not for those that know Him intimately.
When I see a miserable Christian that preaches to others that to be a good Christian you have to be a miserable Christian, I sometimes wonder if they know the real Christ in Christian.

God did it?

All the statements or implications of God being in complete control over every action or reaction on the planet in scripture and since were all spoken by man. Some of God's actual earliest words to man were Him being clear on giving dominion on the earth to man. He even had man name His various creations. God, Himself, said there was someone that had power on this earth other than him, two in fact, satan and man. Where did the confusion after that come from? Who benefits the most from people thinking God is in control of everything, especially the bad things? Who gets extreme glee from people portraying God as a killer and other sick things He is not? Who has greater power to cause sickness and destruction in people's lives if they believe it's of God and actually welcome it at the first sign instead of rebuking or resisting? satan, maybe? Just something for American Christians™ to ponder.

God is in control?

God is in complete control? If God is in complete control then every "backslider" back slid because He made them do it, anyone that offended you did it because He made them do it, anyone that hurt you did it because He made them do it, any attacks on your health or home is because He made it happen, so why are you so angry? Anything that happens, good, bad, or ugly is due to God doing it or making it happen. So the obvious reaction should be to stop complaining about it, stop fighting it, just let it happen and learn to deal with it. It isn't anyone but God's fault according to you, if you follow this belief. It's not the devil made them do it, its God made them do it according to this prevalent theology. Talk about calling good evil and evil good. It's not like God, Himself, actually began in the first book of the bible saying that He, Himself, decided to give man dominion over the earth... It's not like God, Himself, didn't try to get people to und…