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America needs a hero...

I notice a whole lot of Christians supporting American Sniper, and almost to a tee they say one of the main reasons is because "America needs a hero."

I keep wondering why they of all people don't think Jesus is a hero enough for this country.

To me He's the Hero of the Universe...


A toxic world around us.

You want to know how toxic our world can be?

I had a vision yesterday evening where a person was in their shower, they had the water on and were washing themselves all over with the water, just enjoying the moment, I then noticed that the water coming out of the shower wasn't water, it was actually many demons, and the person was just covering themselves with the demons, and rubbing demons all over their body, some even would get in their mouth.

I couldn't believe the sight, and I didn't understand what it meant at the time.

This morning, Jesus started to explain the vision to me. It was an example of how we are attacked by darkness. Sometimes we are totally clueless of how darkness is coming against us, we have done nothing, they simply are on an assignment and we are their target and we must be sensitive to this. Not paranoid, not walking in fear or looking for darkness behind every corner, simply being sensitive to it. The enemy does prowl around as well, we must recog…

Kiling makes you neither a hero or villian, it makes you a weapon of darkness.

The interesting thing is that very similar statements as in this article at,, were made by an American Sniper, and they seem to be perfectly fine and acceptable, and even "Christians" support them. Quite disturbing to witness recently if you ask me.

Here are the statements and incident I am addressing:

"The horrendous stabbing murder of an English high school teacher and the comments the perpetrator made afterwards are a potent reminder of the possible effects of evolutionary thinking on impressionable minds.

Some of the sickening comments the teenage student made after the killing included:

“I wasn’t in shock, I was happy. I had a sense of pride. I still do.

“I know it’s uncivilised but I know it’s incredibly instinctual and human. Past generations of life, killing is a route of survival.

“It’s kill or be killed. I did not have a …

American Sniper Rambo Jesus!

I notice there are large groups of people that are very vocal about not just bashing and mocking followers of Christ who preach and live out the non-violent teachings of Christ, but also portraying them as naïve or ignorant simpletons.

It's quite interesting to watch them brazenly celebrate the anti-Christ behavior and life of the real life, severely flawed, psychopathic, racist, in need of Jesus, person portrayed in American Sniper.

I could understand if they were just engaging in enjoyment of a make believe, fictional character, with no desire to emulate the behavior in the real world, but that isn't the case. They want more like him to go out and destroy their "enemies," foreign and domestic, if they can't snuff the life out of some faceless adversary themselves.

But, what I do find surprising is that those people genuinely are of the belief that they also are following Jesus with their celebration of violence. They hold their holy book in one hand, an assau…

Of free will, the fall, and atonement

Was engaged in a discussion regarding "free will" and "good and evil" and felt like sharing an excerpt of my response:

 I don't believe "free-will" necessarily has anything to do with "good and evil." Before eating the fruit Adam and Eve in their naivete, I will concede that they did have the ability to decide to do it, however, I don't subscribe that it was a sinful act, because they had absolutely no knowledge of what a sinful act is. It also was not an ignorant act, because again they had no knowledge of good and evil, it wasn't an ignorance to good and evil, their actual knowledge of good and evil and any explanation of such did not exist and could not have existed. It was impossible for God to even explain the difference because at that time they had no way of understanding it.

I don't blame Adam and Eve for the fall, or even the serpent, if we are honest, it was God's fault. Blasphemy!!! Well, hear me out.

Penal Substitut…

Am I a "Cool Kid?"

I've noticed that human nature is all about exclusion. It's "us against them", it's my state against the next state, my city against the next city, my neighborhood, against the next neighborhood. It's in sports, extracurricular activities, Star Wars vs. Star Trek, car brands, cars vs. trucks, cars vs. motorcycles, social media sites, political parties, skin color, etc. The list would be quite exhausting if I continued to provide examples, but one huge problem is that exclusion has become a major part, a poisonous part, of a group that should be completely focused on inclusion. Exclusion has corrupted the minds of many whose hearts should be drawing them to being open and loving, reaching out to those that they think are different. Exclusion has caused a love to go cold. Exclusion has caused a man to despise his neighbors, every neighbor around the world.

That group that exclusion has become such a major part of is...

When we study these traits we …