American Sniper Rambo Jesus!

I notice there are large groups of people that are very vocal about not just bashing and mocking followers of Christ who preach and live out the non-violent teachings of Christ, but also portraying them as naïve or ignorant simpletons.

It's quite interesting to watch them brazenly celebrate the anti-Christ behavior and life of the real life, severely flawed, psychopathic, racist, in need of Jesus, person portrayed in American Sniper.

I could understand if they were just engaging in enjoyment of a make believe, fictional character, with no desire to emulate the behavior in the real world, but that isn't the case. They want more like him to go out and destroy their "enemies," foreign and domestic, if they can't snuff the life out of some faceless adversary themselves.

But, what I do find surprising is that those people genuinely are of the belief that they also are following Jesus with their celebration of violence. They hold their holy book in one hand, an assault weapon in the other, while they drape a flag over their shoulder and kill in the name of their god.

That description seems to run eerily parallel with the group they espouse on their news networks, websites, protest gatherings, and blogs as being children of the devil. They look to have far more in common with the ones they promote as villains, and much less in common with the victims.

Very interesting that they don't see their hypocrisy with such clarity for themselves. But does anyone really notice the fine line between villainy and victimhood without a Spiritual Guide to show them clarity?

I think it all makes sense now why they feel God is so distant. You see, the true God doesn't look, act, or have the character of "Rambo," or even worse, Chris Kyle, so they constantly seek after God, but they can't really find Him because He's not who they really are desiring as their Savior.

The true God is actually non-violent....


...just like Jesus!!!

This may sound like harsh criticism, but is it really anywhere as harsh as celebrating the many deaths of those who Jesus asked His Father to forgive for they know not what they are doing, all the while killing them while eschewing a servant's cloak, and covering themselves in a domineering oligarchy's flag of the republic, and then committing this violence in the name of Jesus?

Naw, I think what they're doing is way harsher...



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