A toxic world around us.

You want to know how toxic our world can be?

I had a vision yesterday evening where a person was in their shower, they had the water on and were washing themselves all over with the water, just enjoying the moment, I then noticed that the water coming out of the shower wasn't water, it was actually many demons, and the person was just covering themselves with the demons, and rubbing demons all over their body, some even would get in their mouth.

I couldn't believe the sight, and I didn't understand what it meant at the time.

This morning, Jesus started to explain the vision to me. It was an example of how we are attacked by darkness. Sometimes we are totally clueless of how darkness is coming against us, we have done nothing, they simply are on an assignment and we are their target and we must be sensitive to this. Not paranoid, not walking in fear or looking for darkness behind every corner, simply being sensitive to it. The enemy does prowl around as well, we must recognize what is of God and what is of darkness and it is actually simple. Look at things that happen in your life based on the actions of Christ. If it steals, kills, or destroys, it's not of Christ. Do not accept it, do not wallow in it, rebuke it. You should have life, and life abundantly. Stand up and stand firm in the Love of God.

The next thing it was an example of was our thought life. Sometimes our "self-talk" invites darkness into our lives, we say or think such negative things about ourselves, we doubt God's goodness and accept a place of lack in our lives, we look at our surroundings in a negative light and we say that things will never change, we accept where we are at, when God has so much more in store for us. We imprison ourselves into a belief that we are not good enough, that we cannot succeed, that our world will always be the same, we shall not overcome, that is a lie. Stop telling yourself this!!! We must speak the truth over us, all that is good, all that is pure, all that is uplifting, all that is freeing, all that sets us as the head, not the tail. Life and death are in the power of the tongue, and the 6" space between our ears.

The next thing it was an example of was the words and thoughts others have of us. We must be on alert to not accept what others say or think, we must daily focus on how Jesus sees us, we must focus on the righteousness we have through Christ. This is like a shield against the negative words and thoughts others have. We must walk free of offense, walk free from being defensive, walk completely in forgiveness, walk in love. Of course this doesn't mean to not hear a critique, sometimes we do have to accept when someone gives us an honest critique of our behavior or actions, but we should be mature enough to tell the difference. A critique doesn't imprison you, doesn't make you feel "less than", doesn't trap you in a cage of negativity.

There is more to come that He will explain to me, but this was the message for now. I hope others received as much out of this as I did.


Auston Lei said…
Excellent ...can't wait to hear more.

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