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Doctrinal traditions of man

Christians have to remember when it comes to their theology that many of their doctrines could actually be traditions of man or interpretations influenced by their own emotions, thoughts, or biases. We can also affect our interpretation or doctrines by how we envision God, that's why it's important to have a correct view of God as Father not as destroyer, or you will color that image into all that you read, Holy Spirit or not.

There have been various revelations as time progressed since the writing of scripture, some true, some not so. To be so close-minded and dogmatic about your beliefs without acknowledging that your beliefs may in fact not be as accurate as you believe them to be does Jesus a disservice. That is why we must be always open to learn, but in that same respect if things are centered around killing, stealing, or destroying, we should really take pause before receiving that as truth.

Yes, I know, our walk is by faith, that includes faith in our beliefs, but above …

Arizona Senate Bill 1062

About the bill in Arizona for those confused or not sure what is going on, I will repeat some things a few times because they say it takes people hearing something 3 times to get it:

The fact of the matter is that the states where business owners were sued had laws in place that prohibit discrimination over sexual preference, aka being homosexual. 

Arizona does not have a law against discriminating against homosexuals, so it is impossible for anyone in AZ to be sued over not serving a homosexual person. So this bill is redundant and ignorant. People need to know the facts.

If you have a problem with your State laws, you have to change your State laws.

Arizona does not have a law against discrimination for sexual preference, so if you are a business owner in a different state that wants to not have to abide by YOUR STATE LAWS, move to Arizona.

But again, there is no need for this bill, because sexual preference is NOT PROTECTED in Arizona.

Discrimination for sex, race, religion, are all prot…

Think about this:

Think about this one: "Would God kill your family members to prove a point?"

Please give your answer below.

Don't emulate everything you read in scripture

Paul named names of people teaching falsehoods and Jesus called a gentile woman what would probably in our terms be a "worthless b****", that doesn't mean we should do the same, maybe you also are engaging in smashing babies on rocks to be blessed and happy because the Psalmist certainly spoke of doing that in scripture.

I hate when people use behavior that you can see clearly doesn't line up with 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 by saying they read of someone doing it in the bible.

This belief is toxic

I edited the names because I don't want to seem like I'm mocking them and I definitely have empathy and compassion for the family and friends of those involved, but I hate that people have been brainwashed to believe these kinds of lies about God. Some people say it helps them feel better to believe this nonsense, but lies are never good, especially not when they are about my Daddy.

****** ******* ** died from a major heart attack Tuesday night. His wife, ******* *******, says, "I guess the Good Lord wanted him... I wanted him too, but He won."