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A sprinkling of my thoughts shared with tears from my eyes

A sprinkling of my thoughts shared with tears from my eyes.

I cry over the blood lust of some Christians. Some go so far out of their way, crying for blood, to diminish the Grace of God and to malign those who preach of this Grace. It's as if their hopes, dreams, and prayers are that God is an unjust god who upon being victorious over a defeated foe, sin and the devil, then decides to place that serpent right back on a throne to cause destruction in His children's lives over and over again. Not only that but their god will allow that snake to have his hands on them for an eternity, as these Christians blinded by hate watch and celebrate in glee. Is that how foolish some Christians see God, how incompetent they view him? Is that how demented some of those that should know Him really are in their disturbed minds? Seriously?

What kind of god is that unfaithful?

Not my God.

What kind of follower of Christ has such a hunger for destruction?

That is what those who speak against Grace te…