A sprinkling of my thoughts shared with tears from my eyes

A sprinkling of my thoughts shared with tears from my eyes.

I cry over the blood lust of some Christians. Some go so far out of their way, crying for blood, to diminish the Grace of God and to malign those who preach of this Grace. It's as if their hopes, dreams, and prayers are that God is an unjust god who upon being victorious over a defeated foe, sin and the devil, then decides to place that serpent right back on a throne to cause destruction in His children's lives over and over again. Not only that but their god will allow that snake to have his hands on them for an eternity, as these Christians blinded by hate watch and celebrate in glee. Is that how foolish some Christians see God, how incompetent they view him? Is that how demented some of those that should know Him really are in their disturbed minds? Seriously?

What kind of god is that unfaithful?

Not my God.

What kind of follower of Christ has such a hunger for destruction?

That is what those who speak against Grace teach, and that is how those who speak against Grace are. Yes, you clearly state that the Blood of Jesus was in fact spilled, yes, I admit that you do teach that. But, then you continue by teaching that God through His victorious Unblemished Lamb didn't defeat darkness, and never provided the righteousness, or once and for all forgiveness, provided by the Blood of His Son. You proclaim loudly that now to defeat darkness you must depend on what you do yourself, a misinterpreted form of confession, and a misinterpreted, mistranslated form of repentance are now due to receive that righteousness or forgiveness that your god is unwilling to give when the one true God so devastatingly shattered the works of darkness and defeated the power of the enemy in the lives of His children. The god you describe is not just unjust, but a liar and a cheat, that takes credit for works he didn't actually do.

You accuse of licentiousness. Licentiousness? Disgracing the one true God with the way you describe Him to others is much worse than any licentiousness. I serve and obey God because He loved me first, and realizing that caused love to blossom out of my bosom. I don't serve Him because I'm afraid He doesn't love me when I mess up, or I'm afraid He will one day tire of me and throw me away or vomit me out. I serve Him completely because I love Him. I love Him because He opened my heart to who Love is. I am His son through the Grace He had towards me, the acceptance of me regardless of a single thing I did right or wrong in my life. I love Him because His Son bled for me and loved me before I even knew Him or of Him. I love Him because I know I'm freed from the pressure of performance, I don't have any weights on me, I don't have to be scared that I missed that one good work, that one confession, that one moment of repentance. I don't have to feel less than if I didn't learn enough Hebrew or Greek, or don't use the right Christianese buzz words.

I was liberated from self-effort. All I do, is what He does, because He lives. He lives at the right hand of God and He lives in me. I know that my righteousness and forgiveness are not based on a single thing I do regarding continual works, continual confession, or continual repentance, nor from continual adherence to dietary or Jewish laws or festivals. Also illumination came from realizing the truth of His words when He spoke that He is pleased more with obedience than any sacrifice, and so many believe what is really a place of sacrifice in their hearts is an example of true obedience. If you need the fear of eternal torment to walk in Love, you are far from Love, and as a believer you should be intimate with Love. You are truly obedient when your life is an outpouring of His Love and His will, even when you know there is nothing that can be added or taken away from His pleasure and acceptance of you. You sacrifice when you do His will because you fear that something can be added or taken away from His pleasure and acceptance of you. Obedience is truly better than sacrifice in His eyes. Which are you promoting to those with ears to hear?

Unconditional love is just that, unconditional, the god you teach sounds as if he doesn't know true agape love, so he can't be the one true God because the love that is God is, when you believe by faith, a love that is completely unconditional. My God is also not weak, powerless, and neutered to the point where He cannot keep His own. My God doesn't make mistakes in who He calls and equips. Does yours?

Excuse me as I wipe away my tears.


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