Who are you listening to?

Today many men and women will stand on stages and claim to be speaking for God. 

Many of them will share messages that contradict each other. Many will share messages that go against the non violent, enemy loving teachings of Jesus. Many of them won't share a message of beating weapons into plow shares but a message of stocking up in even more weapons. Many won't share a message of reaching out to our neighbors, but a message to fear our neighbors. Many will share a message not that we have overcame, but that we are under attack and must overcome others by force. Many will place you under laws and bondage that never applied to Gentiles. 

Please, don't listen to your emotions, don't listen to political rhetoric, don't listen to fear, don't listen to lies, listen to your heart. 

Don't be deceived, your heart will guide you to Love. Love doesn't do what many "men and women of God" will tell you God does. Please trust Love, not the many messages you will hear today. 

If it doesn't look or sound like Jesus, it's not Him, no matter how trusted the voice is telling you it is Him.


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