American Christians™ and their Nordic false god breed violence and decay.

The American Christians™ who promote and justify violence and hate, and then feign being shocked and appalled when children act out violently and cast aversion and blame on everyone else, are so devious to me. Their disreputable character once again has been revealed.

Where do you think the world truly learns their violence from? What message do you think truly raises up a society that feels violence is how to deal with issues of contention.

American Christians™, you are so eager blame satan? You say they were born with a blood lust? You are so quick to look outward, especially at those you hold bigoted views of.

Well, American Christians™, you are gravely mistaken. They have learned their reliance on, and need for violence from you!!!

Your American Church™, you and your American Christian™ teachings of violence, your worship of a nordic false god who salivates at the chance to steal, kill, and destroy. The evil false god that commits genocide. The American Christian™ god that you claim will torture billions for eternity. A false god that hates everyone that looks different than him with his nordic features.

American Christians™, it is your own love of man, a love greater than even your love of your nordic false god. It is your own love of politics, look at the venom you spout against the politicans of the opposite parties. Look at how you paint all those who disagree with you, with lies, with slander, with poisonous, hostile, bitter, rotten, speech.

Your own American Christian™ preachers, teachers, and pastors all, as one, teach that violence solves problems. Your reliance on and support of militarization. You actually pray for and promote war from your pulpits. Your leaders tell you to stand with those who engage in xenophobic acts and you and your leaders promote the genocide of a people under occupation. And then, when violence hits your doorstep you have the absolute nerve to appear flabbergasted and horrified, screaming judgment against those that engaged in that violence, and you have the gall to actually scream at the top of your lungs that more violence needs to be used against those troublemakers.

You make me so ill. Ill I say. I have to consciously hold back from violently expelling the entire contents of my stomach due to the inherent toxicity of American Christianity™.

You American Christians™ not only are delusional, not only are hypocrites, not only engage in double standards, but you have reaped what you sowed with your messages of violence.

I simply see the chickens coming home to roost, and one more clear example of why Jesus' true message of peace and Love is the only hope for humanity. It is crystal clear your eye for an eye, your blood lust, your love of hatred, your fleshly need for violence only begets more violence after more violence.

The American church™, American Christians™, shoud be so ashamed because you, yes you all, have truly given birth to this violent nation with your completely rotted and rancid theology and your worship of a false Nordic god you sickeningly have the audacity to have named Jesus.


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