The problem with violence in America.

We have a culture that is brought up on vengeance, eye for an eye, kill em all, blow them to hell, where people fight over neighborhoods, states they live in, sports teams, favorite drinks, etc. Where people support going to war and occupying a country that was innocent, where people support another country building a wall around another group and trying to commit genocide, where people celebrate a sniper that killed people that were only defending their country from an occupying force, a culture raised on exceptionalism, self centeredness, self absorption, and celebration of self, a culture that is unwilling to help the least, that cuts funding for programs that assist the poor, a culture that closes it's borders to needy immigrants fleeing danger, and you wonder why there is a problem with violence in this country?
And by the way I was just talking about and describing American Christians™, I wasn't even talking about non Christians.


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