Followers of Christ that believe that Christians are in some kind of war... 

Your theology is all messed up. 

Followers of Christ are to be a welcome party to the Kingdom, not some kind of soldier, Rambo, warrior against everyone of other sexual orientation, religion, etc. 

Look, don't get caught up in that end times, fear filled rhetoric, all their "sign of the times" posts are bogus. 

Their blood moons was kaka, their harbinger was bovine excrement. Their picking of any negative event and claiming God is judging is bad use of scripture. 

They use OT scriptures from a people that didn't see God (Jesus' own words not mine) and twist it to apply to people in a new covenant. That's ignorance at its finest. 

You are too smart for that, your heart is too big for that, don't let them cage your heart. Listen to your heart, your heart tells you that they are teaching wrong things, devoid of Love, devoid of Jesus, trust yourself. 

Don't let them take such a beautiful soul and darken it with fear and intolerance. 

We have hope, not fear. The world is getting better not worse, statistics prove that. Don't believe their lies, they may mean well, but they are imprisoning others and leading them astray. 

Don't follow that path.


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