Soul eating belief systems must die.

The worst thing I have witnessed is when a person with a caring personality, a huge heart, with love that overflows, a hope of helping marginalized people, and an empathetic soul, gets involved in religious, fear mongering, versions of Christianity and sucked into the false end times narrative, rotten eschatology, and exclusionary beliefs of American Christendom™.

I weep for them, together with Jesus.

It hits me so hard because I was in those same shoes not long ago, and I am so thankful that Jesus woke me up one day telling me to drop absolutely everything I was taught, and what I thought as a Christian I was supposed to believe, and only study His Love. He set me free from that addiction and bondage to hate and exclusion through the experience of learning He is a God of Love, only Love.

People try to slander me and spread the lie that I attack fundamentalists, let me set the record straight, once and for all!

I don't attack them, I love them, I was them after all. My heart aches for those stuck in fundamentalism, they truly know not what they are doing, I didn't either when I was stuck in that mind state. I do however attack those toxic, poisonous belief systems that they have been hoodwinked and bamboozled by. In pointing out the threat of these fundamentalist belief systems I have no choice but to address my messages to the teachers of these dangerous belief systems out there that are using their influence to kill the life and Love in others.

Those teachers do bear a responsibility for refusing to hear His still, small voice calling them to embrace Love. Instead of hearing Him, they listen to the voice of darkness. They revel in their popularity and spread their violent ways, all while claiming they are being blessed by God by having a large group of followers. They bathe in the wealth they manipulate their followers to give, that they use to support their living an opulent lifestyle and feed their darkened hearts.

Those belief systems are soul eaters, they kill their followers beautiful souls from the inside out and slowly turn them into evil, hate filled, enemy hating, violence loving, zombies. Those teachers celebrate the death of the souls they devour. Jesus said to live we must die, but that's not quite what He had in mind. We were to die to those evil, hateful, negative beliefs and mind frames, and end up living filled and over flowing with Love. That's how you know whether you met the real Jesus or not, by how much you end up Loving all those around you, all those around, not just those that look and think like you.


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