Alleviate Global Poverty? Really? Is it possible?

America will never spend what it spends on war on peace, so please stop spreading the myth that this is a Christian Nation, it insults Jesus. What America has spent in the last 15 years on war would alleviate global poverty for good.
Imagine a world with no homeless, no starving adults or children. It is so very attainable, but unfortunately there is no profit in peace, there is only profit in war.
If you want a difference in this world, then stop supporting war and start coming together for peace, there is enough wealth in the world for no one to ever go hungry, there is a surplus. It is actually so easy to end global poverty that the elite have convinced people the dream is too good to be true.
Do your own research, look up what it would take, I'm tired of doing all the work, look it up and see what could be done with the 1.6 trillion that was spent on the Iraq/Afghanistan/war on terror alone.
Kill poverty, give people hope for a future, hope to find love, a home over their head, food in their pantry, a place to raise families, a job, ability to see a doctor, give them a purpose, and they never will raise a weapon again, in any country.
That's the dream people have across the world, and there is the wealth to provide it for all. When a life comes into this world guaranteed a future, the pursuit of hate is quashed.


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