The world needs the Real Jesus

When tragedies like mass shootings happen people say that what is needed is "Jesus." This country claims to be a Christian nation. What is it? Just under 80% claim to be Christians in this country?
So statistically speaking, they already have the "Jesus" these people speak of. So I wholeheartedly disagree when I hear people saying the country needs their Americanized version of "Jesus." This country is in the state it is in because of the "Jesus" that American churches teach.
They teach an American Jesus™, a violent, enemy hating, bipolar, immigrant despising, refugee casting away, vengeance loving, psychopathic, torture lusting, barbaric, over fed, loud mouthed, racist, uneducated blonde haired, blue eyed fraud, that desires comfort and selfishness over servitude and selflessness.
So no, this country doesn't need the American Jesus™ that these fools talk about all the time, this country is in fact in dire, desperate need of the "Real Jesus" a God that most Christians in this 80% of people don't even know.
When churches from sea to shining sea stop introducing people to a false American Jesus™ that looks like an amalgamation of Egyptian and Greek false gods then there will be a change.
But to be honest I don't see that happening anytime soon, because the Real Jesus doesn't go along with nationalism, patriotism, manifest destiny, colonization, raping the earth of its natural resources, pledging allegiance to flags, going to a grocery store with a machine gun on your shoulder, being racist, and hating everyone that looks different than you.
So take your fake American Jesus™ and stick him where the sun don't shine, I know that me and my friends will keep talking about the Real Jesus and maybe one day this country will stop chasing false idols and want to meet the Real Thing. That's when things will change. Until then you reap what you sow.
Oh, and in closing, your false god can go to hell.


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