The world as a whole needs Real Jesus

The world as a whole, everyone in it, needs the Real Jesus, that I have to even say that means people haven't been listening. But, the world cannot know the Real Jesus until the church as a whole gets to know Him. That is the problem I am addressing in frustration with many of my posts.
How can you send out missionaries to reach the world, or even your own backyard, for Jesus, when all the majority of American Christian™ churches do is teach people about the same false god those in the world, or in your own backyard, already worship only with a clever name change to "Jesus?" That makes no sense. So before people can meet the Real Jesus, the people tasked with sharing Him with the world need to know Him. That is simple logic.
So people say how can you be so certain? How can you be so sanctimonious? Who are you to say who is following Jesus and who is not? What made you the unofficial spokesman for the Real Jesus? Keep your prattling on to yourself we don't want to hear it, we know American Jesus™ and he is the lord of our lives. It is clear that he hates gay people, abortions, Muslims, immigrants, people of color. It is clear he is going to return and bathe in the blood of his enemies and torture people savagely forever. It is clear that he wants us to be armed and bomb the ever loving hell out of anyone we don't like no matter how many innocents die in the process!
Well in response to that I merely have this to say. It's simple. If the attributes and character of the entity you are calling Jesus doesn't line up with the attributes and character of the Jesus that walked the earth, then your entity is not the real Jesus, it's American Jesus™. Don't worry there is a false United Kingdom Jesus™, German Jesus™, Israeli Jesus™, Nigerian Jesus™, Malaysian Jesus™, etc. I am only using a geographical name for this false idol based on my current location. Geography doesn't change that most churches teach a false god they have christened, pardon the pun, Jesus.
So, let me state this as plainly and as clearly as I can. The god of people like ‪#‎DAESH‬ and the American Jesus™ taught from pulpits across this country are one and the same!
They are the same violent, enemy hating, bi polar, immigrant despising, refugee casting away, vengeance loving, psychopathic, torture lusting, barbaric, over fed, loud mouthed, racist, uneducated fraud. Instead of being blonde haired and blue eyed, in the Middle East he assumed a shape and form that the misled brutes in DAESH relate to, and instead of desiring comfort and selfishness, he desires sadism and selfishness, over servitude and selflessness.
Both DAESH and American Christians™ are misled by this same false god that comes in various forms, so just because American Christians™ named this false god "Jesus" doesn't make him the Real Jesus the Messiah, written about in scripture. It saddens me that so many cannot see clearly that this violent, savage, evil entity they worship has nothing in common with the One True God, the Real Jesus who walked this earth with Love, perished on a cross, and rose after 3 days.
If the entity you follow is not Love, then it is a fraud because GOD IS LOVE!!!


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