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Wires cross

We need to remember that men and women are wired differently. That's why working on good communication is a must because sometimes those wires get crossed and it causes a huge spark and you have to slowly, gently, untwist them so they don't start a huge fire.


If you choose, you can play this song as the soundtrack to this post, if it is not your cup of tea, continue on:

Many times we walk in unforgiveness, it's such a life-killing emotion. I could spend hours explaining forgiveness, trying to convince why we should forgive, I could list what forgiveness is or isn't, the benefits to me or you, but I thought maybe I'd use a mental picture. I like when people describe things and you can visualize it, so here goes. Picture yourself standing before the cross, Jesus said His last words and breathed His last breath. His head drops and His Spirit is gone. Since we live in the "here and now" we know that He died to change our world, He was victorious over the work of darkness, but we wouldn't of known this that day.

You may choke up picturing this, or you've heard and read about it so much that it doesn't have the impact it did when you first met Him and realized what He actually went through for you. But, what …


Occupy the Church... Find a Christ centered, Bible based Church... Call on the Lord to free you from your old life... Get on your knees and pray for this country and this world... That would make a real difference... And take a bath, hippie!!! j/k... Jesus is the only Messiah...