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Inviting spiritual warfare

You know, I realize that the enemy does attack us frequently, I will never, ever, say he doesn't, but I'm not far from being convinced that some go through much more spiritual warfare because they focus so much on spiritual warfare and it completely infiltrates and fills their beliefs to the point where their world revolves around spiritual warfare and they end up inadvertently opening a door to these attacks.

I base this on the experience of focusing completely on God's love, peace, mercy, and grace and letting it so infiltrate and fill your beliefs to the point where you end up walking and living out a love, peace, mercy, and grace that most people, even Christians, don't understand or find confusing. Your whole world revolves around God's love, peace, mercy, and grace and no matter what comes against you, that's what manifests itself in your life and actions.

Eating meat sacrificed to idols

If eating meat sacrificed to idols is ok according to His Word, then eating halal foods, dressing up for Halloween, and having a Christmas tree doesn't make a Christian a pagan. If you have a problem with it you have a weak conscience, it doesn't make those who indulge in these things satanic or false Christians in the least bit.

Out of love Christians should not purposefully flaunt these things in front of those who take offense, and those who take offense also should not actively seek out those who do these things to complain about it. Put simply, this theology of man that keeps being spread at various times of the year and causes nothing but puffed out chests, false judgments, accusations, and discourse needs to stop, it's not Biblically supported. Read: 1 Cor. 8:1-13

God's will is to heal

In the Bible Jesus spoke the words that God's will is to heal, so when we come across those needing healing instead of speaking in these long speeches, reasoning, begging, bartering, cajoling God, and asking him "if it's your will", simply speak the word and walk in faith that it is done. We are to be His hands on earth, we walk in faith and trust that what He has promised is done and accomplished, He takes care of the details of how, when, where, and the outer evidence.