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Complaints about "NOAH"

I've read complaints that the Hollywood movie "Noah" portrays it's title character, Noah, as a psychopath, and it's wrong to portray him in that light.
So it's wrong to portray a man in the bible as a psychopath, but it's ok that Christians have portrayed God as a bi-polar, psychopathic, child abuser for centuries?
With all the complaints that Hollywood got "Noah" wrong in their fictional movie, I wonder what it would take for Christians to consider that most of them may have it wrong as well? 
And no, I'm not talking about the literal/figurative debate.

Jesus cleared that one up by referencing it as an actual event. He also cleared up what I'm speaking of by being an example of God's true character.

Fill in the dots. God delivers from destruction, He doesn't destroy. Someone else's fingerprints are all over man dying, God's fingerprints are all over man being saved.…

Can you tell a person's heart?

It's sometimes easy to tell a person's heart. 

When their definition of judgment always pertains to them seeking something in others to criticize rather than seeking something in others to compliment, you see what they're all about.

How many spend as much time complimenting a person as they do criticizing them?


It's funny. 

God doesn't remember our sins anymore, but people sure do.

You'd think they have a "god complex", but not of the right god.

Hobby Lobby? Me?

Why haven't I gotten involved in the Hobby Lobby debacle?

Well, I support their position, but at the same time it's hard for me to overlook how dogged they are pursuing this but that same determination isn't used in who they do business with.

This has been the roadblock for me since this all began, I just have remained silent about it, maybe I shouldn't have.

What I mean is that they have invested a great amount of money, with their purchasing of the products they sell, into the economy of a country with shoddy religious freedom records, employee safety records, and which forces abortion on it's citizens.

The same things they are so vocally against to the point of expending even more money in a legal battle, money they have by selling these products, and reinvested back into purchasing more of them.

I wish they would put the same dogged determination into purchasing products from better sources, or invest money into manufacturing in the United States. In short, buy from…


I have to shake my head at people that believe if you portray God as being too good, people won't really want to be with Him, so you have to make sure you balance His love by making them scared of Him, because if they are scared of Him they'll be with Him and do what He wants them to do.


Isn't that how abusive relationships work?


It is unfortunate that people are so quick to label someone and place an "ism" on a person. 

I've had people post "antinomianism" on my page, I'm not part of any "ism", but I do study both early and current church history and beliefs and I pick and choose from many different views out of the bunch. 

Sometimes we throw out the baby with the bath water when we label something we don't fully understand as outright heresy, without picking the meat and spitting out the bones.

It's now gotten to the point where I have found that people have changed Salvation from a belief in who Christ is, what He did, and Him rising, to whether a person believes various other things or not.

Surprisingly those other things must line up with the personal belief of the person questioning another's Salvation or they now no longer are saved.

It's so silly, I tell ya.

Four reasons the early church did not believe "hell" lasts forever

Very interesting read. It's worth noting that more and more of what the church fathers and writers of scripture believed is becoming more prominent in this age. I enjoy delving into that era. My friend Richard Murray, who can be found at his blog here,, with some great information:


Today, many people disagree on how guilty criminals should be treated. Is the purpose of punishment, the argument goes, to rehabilitate the criminal by reforming his character? Or, rather, is the purpose of punishment to inflict eye-for-an-eye retaliation on the wrongdoer? Put another way, is our motive for punishment revenge or rescue?

This same analysis can be applied to God's purpose for Hell. Is God's motive in allowing sinners to go to Hell a form of "revenge" upon the sinner, or is God's motive rather to ultimately "rescue" the sinner from his own fallen n…

God's presence is here and now

Sometimes we, with the best intentions, take the focus off of God and onto man with things we feel are most "spiritual."

Man cries and sings out to God for His Presence, even though His Presence is around all man. You see, it's man's perception that is the issue. 

It's not that God isn't present with man, it's that man doesn't "feel" Him. 

Man cries and sings out to be closer to God, even though God is in man, His Holy Spirit resides in born again man. You see it's man's perception that is the issue.

It's not that God isn't close to man, it's that man doesn't "feel" Him.

Man cries and sings for more of God, even though God gave His All to man. God has said we shall not want, we will never me hungry, we will never be thirsty. You see it's mans perception that is the issue.

It's not that man doesn't have the Fullness of God, it's that man doesn't "feel" it.

You see, it's about what m…

Incapable of seeing good

The problem I see in the church is that some have adopted beliefs that cause them to be incapable of truly seeing good in others.

They've been so inundated with dying daily, killing the flesh, dying to self, carrying their cross, all concepts that make great buzz words but are concepts that have been taken out of context and misinterpreted throughout the years. 

They don't trust themselves, they are constantly second guessing their actions, and so they second guess others as well.

They've listened to 10 step programs from their pastors and have made their own list from here, and there, and there, and here, of what it takes to really be a "disciple."

They get told God's thoughts are not like their thoughts, God's ways are not their ways. Yet they miss the message being proclaimed by Isaiah.

They focus on a verse and don't recognize that preceding it is a proclamation of forgiveness, which is not typically man's thoughts or ways when he is wronged and be…

Scripture tit for tat

I've found people question why I don't get into debates with them on my page, they make their own assumptions about me not studying scripture, me writing my own bible, I'm trying to silence my critics (when my page is public and they are free to abuse me), etc.

I decided to address this and explain to those that wonder that I don't really entertain theological debates because most of the time it's pointless, most people are not likely to change their minds, it can just end up dragging on and on, and to me it is a complete waste of time.

Most of the time you can tell someone that is humble and really wants to learn or has a real question, as well as those that humbly want to express a different view. You also can tell real quick those that just want to fight and call you names.

I also don't play the scripture "tit for tat" game, I tend to stay clear of answering someone's use of scripture to prove their point with another scripture to prove my point b…

Message of freedom

If people don't want to read messages that can set them free from bondages, I'm never going to try to force them to read, heed, or believe the words. 

But, I'm also not going to stop sharing them either.

Theology or people?

When you care more about proving your theology is correct than you do about how you treat people, something is majorly wrong.

A good God is bad?

I find it interesting that people find that belief in a good God can harm someone, but belief in a bad God is of benefit to them.

The only one I think that benefits from belief in a bad God is satan.

Something to ponder.


the·ol·o·gy noun \thē-ˈä-lə-jē\ 

: the study of religious faith, practice, and experience : the study of God and God's relation to the world

: a system of religious beliefs or ideas

: an excuse to treat others with utter disrespect and the utmost contempt lacking of any and all good manners with the belief that your deity approves your destructive, disgusting, ungodly behavior

Adulterous relationship

I've found that many of Jesus' brides are having an adulterous relationship with their theology based on how they act when faced with a disagreement over beliefs.

Holy Diversion program?

It's funny the way some preach the gospel is like it's some Holy Diversion program.

For those that don't know, in the legal system if you get convicted of a crime, or in the pre-trial phase they will sometimes offer a "diversion" program for an offender, where they go to some classes, do community service, or a variety of other things in lieu of going to jail or prison.

People jump at the chance simply because they don't want to go to jail, not because they necessarily want a change in their life or have it in their heart to help others, and definitely not for relationship building.

I see not only preachers, but many Christians, preaching the gospel as a "get out of hell free" card or a Holy Diversion program.

What a shame.

It's insulting to what Jesus accomplished on the cross.

I don't preach the gospel in this way. I preach the gospel as a powerful event that left not one stone unturned. I preach Father, Son, and Spirit.

I don't speak of hell…

Why so serious?

If you take life too seriously, life will eat you up. Always have something to laugh about, even if it's something the world would make fun of you for laughing about it. 

Just laugh, and smile, and jump, and dance, and be goofy, and quirky.

I'm forcing myself on people

So, I'm "friends" online with a great many people. The majority probably don't believe the things I do, yet I have connected with them.

I've had a few people come to my page and rebuke me throughout the years, both publicly, and unfortunately rudely.

They've made comments that I'm a know it all, I am forcing my beliefs on everyone, I think people need to believe everything I believe, I think my version of Christianity is the only right one, etc.

This while they are on my page.

Let me reiterate, I have a great deal of online friends that don't believe what I believe.

I don't go to their pages and rebuke them for their beliefs.

They come to mine.

I'm a know it all trying to force my way on everyone.

I will reiterate again, they come to my page and rebuke me, I don't say anything on their page.

I share things on my own personal page.

I don't go to their pages and accuse them of anything.

I'm accused of being a know it all, I am forcing my belief…

Message of freedom

Me thinks satan doesn't like the message of Truth and Freedom I proclaim. 

Very interesting how he tries to keep people in bondage and how easily he twists and warps scripture to get people to believe such lies and falsehoods about our Father. 

Someone on my friends list must have been set free by something He had me share and it got darkness riled up.

Thank the LORD for His true message of freedom and His Grace.

Defending a bad god

It never ceases to amaze me how vehemently people defend a "bad" God against those who proclaim a "good" God. 

They go out of their way to prove in every way they can that God is bad.

I don't have to defend the belief that God is good, He proclaimed His nature on His own at the cross...

Rebuking me?

Just a quick comment to all those who come across my page, no one in particular, just a blanket statement to all in general. 

If you want to rebuke someone on their own page, even justifiably so, making snide or rude comments to them* kind of takes away any credibility of yours and makes you come across as a douchebag.

Sorry, not sorry, it's true.

This is why the world hates Christians, not because they hated Jesus, but because a great many Christians behave like the biggest buttholes with no revelation of how much they are acting like jerks.

They treat their own so badly with this rotten behavior, I can just imagine how bad of behavior they use when they are dealing with the lost.

Notice that I spoke of "behavior" not them themselves, they are of Christ, and even when they don't behave accordingly, they are still completely His.

We all fall short sometimes, but we need to take responsibility for it and look to and rest in Him to behave how He would.

Hope you understand my …