Rebuking me?

Just a quick comment to all those who come across my page, no one in particular, just a blanket statement to all in general. 

If you want to rebuke someone on their own page, even justifiably so, making snide or rude comments to them* kind of takes away any credibility of yours and makes you come across as a douchebag.

Sorry, not sorry, it's true.

This is why the world hates Christians, not because they hated Jesus, but because a great many Christians behave like the biggest buttholes with no revelation of how much they are acting like jerks.

They treat their own so badly with this rotten behavior, I can just imagine how bad of behavior they use when they are dealing with the lost.

Notice that I spoke of "behavior" not them themselves, they are of Christ, and even when they don't behave accordingly, they are still completely His.

We all fall short sometimes, but we need to take responsibility for it and look to and rest in Him to behave how He would.

Hope you understand my message properly.

Thank you, drive thru.

*I mean making them purposefully to offend or knock them down, not making them ignorantly. I understand sometimes we type without thinking.


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