God's presence is here and now

Sometimes we, with the best intentions, take the focus off of God and onto man with things we feel are most "spiritual."

Man cries and sings out to God for His Presence, even though His Presence is around all man. You see, it's man's perception that is the issue. 

It's not that God isn't present with man, it's that man doesn't "feel" Him. 

Man cries and sings out to be closer to God, even though God is in man, His Holy Spirit resides in born again man. You see it's man's perception that is the issue.

It's not that God isn't close to man, it's that man doesn't "feel" Him.

Man cries and sings for more of God, even though God gave His All to man. God has said we shall not want, we will never me hungry, we will never be thirsty. You see it's mans perception that is the issue.

It's not that man doesn't have the Fullness of God, it's that man doesn't "feel" it.

You see, it's about what man feels or believes. Man is honestly believing that he is being super spiritual in that he is crying and singing out these things, but the catalyst is a focus on man's perception, or feelings, not God's truth.

Man is to walk by faith, pistis, a gift from God, a complete trust, but is man really?

This isn't a rebuke, it's not to make man feel foolish, it's not to pick on man, it's to set man free. Show man the truth so that man can walk in relationship with God in a manner where man can utilize the benefits of this relationship and bless others through this relationship.

The focus should always be on God and how to be His Hands in the lives of others and believing the aforementioned crying and singing limits your use because just at the moment you are to bless someone through a conversation, through an act of sacrifice, through a loving gesture, you'll not "feel" His Presence, His Closeness, His Fullness and you'll fail to move by His direction.

How many have breezed by those God desired them to touch because of these unfortunate beliefs and a focus on themselves believing they were focused on God?


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