Complaints about "NOAH"

I've read complaints that the Hollywood movie "Noah" portrays it's title character, Noah, as a psychopath, and it's wrong to portray him in that light.
So it's wrong to portray a man in the bible as a psychopath, but it's ok that Christians have portrayed God as a bi-polar, psychopathic, child abuser for centuries?

With all the complaints that Hollywood got "Noah" wrong in their fictional movie, I wonder what it would take for Christians to consider that most of them may have it wrong as well? 

And no, I'm not talking about the literal/figurative debate.

Jesus cleared that one up by referencing it as an actual event. He also cleared up what I'm speaking of by being an example of God's true character.

Fill in the dots. God delivers from destruction, He doesn't destroy. Someone else's fingerprints are all over man dying, God's fingerprints are all over man being saved.


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