Hobby Lobby? Me?

Why haven't I gotten involved in the Hobby Lobby debacle?

Well, I support their position, but at the same time it's hard for me to overlook how dogged they are pursuing this but that same determination isn't used in who they do business with.

This has been the roadblock for me since this all began, I just have remained silent about it, maybe I shouldn't have.

What I mean is that they have invested a great amount of money, with their purchasing of the products they sell, into the economy of a country with shoddy religious freedom records, employee safety records, and which forces abortion on it's citizens.

The same things they are so vocally against to the point of expending even more money in a legal battle, money they have by selling these products, and reinvested back into purchasing more of them.

I wish they would put the same dogged determination into purchasing products from better sources, or invest money into manufacturing in the United States. In short, buy from this country.

Such as investing into an existing infrastructure or building their own manufacturing facility and providing more jobs here since one of the defenses of these purchases and why they say it shouldn't be held against them is that they can't change another country's laws.

Well, obviously there's more of a chance of changing things in this country or they wouldn't be in this legal battle.


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