Incapable of seeing good

The problem I see in the church is that some have adopted beliefs that cause them to be incapable of truly seeing good in others.

They've been so inundated with dying daily, killing the flesh, dying to self, carrying their cross, all concepts that make great buzz words but are concepts that have been taken out of context and misinterpreted throughout the years. 

They don't trust themselves, they are constantly second guessing their actions, and so they second guess others as well.

They've listened to 10 step programs from their pastors and have made their own list from here, and there, and there, and here, of what it takes to really be a "disciple."

They get told God's thoughts are not like their thoughts, God's ways are not their ways. Yet they miss the message being proclaimed by Isaiah.

They focus on a verse and don't recognize that preceding it is a proclamation of forgiveness, which is not typically man's thoughts or ways when he is wronged and betrayed.

They miss the following verses proclaiming a freedom and a return to paradise. The thorns spoken of in Genesis are returned to soft needles, that neither scratch nor pierce

They fail to believe or understand that they now have the mind of Christ (1 Cor 2:13-16), so they fail to utilize the wisdom He placed in them and gifted them with.

They don't place faith in themselves, but God has faith and believes in them, He never loses faith in them. But this is a foreign concept to them

So with this foundation of doubt, they look at others with those same doubts.

They gladly scoop up rules and regulations, they feel that the rules and regulations will keep them on track and prove that they are His.

The problem is that when they see someone not playing by their very own, self made, rules and regulations, they now question that person's "status".

It's not that the other person isn't living up to God's expectations, the other person is not living up to their expectations.

They place people in boxes, boxes that look just like the box they are in.

They totally miss the boat.

So when they see others spending time with their family watching a movie instead of being at the new Christian conference coming through town, they judge.

When they see others go on vacation and just completely relax, empty their mind, not doing anything "spiritual", they judge.

When they see others stay home on a Sunday and relax in front of the television watching the big game instead of going to church, they judge.

When they see others step away from the IC and spend Sunday's in their own special way, they judge.

They are unable to see God's fingerprints all over these people, because they aren't looking through God's lens, they are looking through their own lenses and they all have a different lens.

So, no, they don't see the good in others, because they only recognize their own version of "good."

So the homosexual, cannot be good and love God to them.

The one who likes to crank up Metallica and bang their head, cannot be good and love God to them.

The one who watched 'American Hustle' and loved it, cannot be good and love God to them.

The one who had a six pack after their long day of work in construction and loved every sip, cannot be good and love God to them.

The one who let the "f" word slip out after a long day of being belittled and berated by their boss the entire week, cannot be good and love God to them.

Never mind that the homosexual touches people's hearts all day long, brings joy to many, makes everyone he encounters smile and believe that the world is a happy place and life is worth living. Through him they encountered God.

Never mind that the metal head, mentors kids at a local junior high that are struggling with drug use, abuse in their home, and temptations to follow some of the older guys into a life of crime. Through him they encountered God.

The list goes on.

"R" rated movie guy will talk to a "con man" a year from now and with what God spoke to him about when watching the movie, he'll be able to relate and introduce him to Jesus. Six pack guy spends his free time feeding the homeless, and building houses for no pay for habitat for humanity, all the rough and tumble guys he works with encounter God everyday through him. "F" word woman, prays and lays hands on all her co-workers, and has counseled her boss' wife into staying in her marriage and not cheating on her spouse, they encounter God through her.

All of these supposedly unrighteous, not dying daily, not carrying the cross, not measuring up to "rules" people have a "closer" relationship with Love than those that are judging them.

But even that isn't good enough, because these Christians say they can't possibly know Jesus based on what these "judges" see in their behavior, in their beliefs, in their theology, in their speaking of Grace, and although they are doing more Love, showing more Love to others, and Love considers them His children, they are still looked at as unclean.

But you won't see how wrong you are. You refuse to acknowledge that, because they don't fit in your box. They can't know Christ, because they don't live like you.

Yes, there is a problem in the church, satan has conned them into being arrogant to the point of only seeing righteousness in their actions, beliefs, and traditions and calling others that don't measure up names and labels.

They have decided how Christ should use parts of His Body, and if it's not their way, it's not "truth". Everyone should be silenced that preaches something different.

They chase after who they think isn't proclaiming "truth" and disrespect them, missing that even if they themselves were right, God's love leads to repentance, not satan's hate.

They hate when you portray God as Love, because with all their self made rules and regulations they see Him far from being Loving.

So how can they really love, they wont let themselves know Love Himself.

Please don't end up like them, learn Love, then you can learn about any other theological subjects.

But without a real foundation and relationship with Love, your words to others and all your theological knowledge will be like a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal, and you'll miss seeing God in others all day long.


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