Your time is up!

I've noticed that many of the money-loving millionaire preachers in large ministries have become just like the politicians they now support. Yes I'm talking to the Lance Wallnau's and his TBN ilk, the Paula White's, the Franklin Graham's, the Piper's, the John Hagee Ministries, and more. They jump on the band wagon of a certain type of person, usually the lowest denominator, and they convince them to climb into dark pits of hate, anger, violence, racism, and deception.
Way to try to stay relevant selling out the gospel to keep bringing in your ill gotten gains that you manipulate these ignorant people to give with your twisting of scripture. Your greed and selfishness obviously knows no bounds. You are false teachers peddling an anti-Christ message.
You all, as a whole, are of your father the devil.
Shame on you all, just shame on you.
Your time will be coming to an end, there is a movement of Christians that actually do know Jesus, that follow His message of non-violence, enemy loving, caring for the poor, welcoming immigrants, standing with the marginalized and disenfranchised, supporting the rights and equality of women, supporting the rights and equality of all peoples. They preach His Love for all in the world, His inclusion of all in the world, His freedom. They are rising up and your lies can no longer stop them, and your sickening demonic hold can no longer keep people in bondage and tied to you.
Steal all the money from your followers you can because your cash cow is being set free, and you are facing the all consuming fire of our Lord, to be barbecued in His Love along with many of your sacred cows.


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