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Who do you really follow? Scripture, man, Jesus?

It's very interesting that most that support inerrancy of scripture, say those that don't, "follow man". It's interesting because the majority of the beliefs in the modern church and American Christianity™ aren't from scripture they are teachings from names like Calvin, Darby, Anselm, Augustine, and others, including their local pastors.

Those are men, by the way (and possibly some women).

Look, please consider this, if you really have no idea of the history of why you believe what you believe, and you only believe it because you were taught it, then please take pause before making statements that infer that you have infallible knowledge about the subject being discussed. Do your homework first, and that means spending time studying church history.

Now some people say that the Spirit confirms these things for them, that they don't need to study history. Well, lets try an experiment, how many of your beliefs does the Spirit not confirm? Seems to me you ma…

Oh Bibi, be careful, your nose may start to grow.

Not even going back to 1996 and his speech then which was pretty close to the speech he just gave almost 2 decades later (look it up if you need a refreshing of your memory), here is his great "wisdom" from 2002. I wonder if at that time the "Holy Spirit" was speaking through him as many in American Christianity™ claim happened this time:
In any event, let’s all once again recall the Israeli Prime Minister’s wisdom on Iraq:
On why invading Iraq — instead of pursuing Al Qaeda — was the top priority:
"I think the first question is, do you want to merely avenge September 11th or do you want to win the war on terror? If you want to stop with September 11th, go after al Qaeda."
"…[T]here is no international terrorism of any kind — al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, you name them, all of them — there is no international terrorism if you take away the support of sovereign states. And the sovereign states are few. If you want to win this war, you just have to neutraliz…