It is unfortunate that people are so quick to label someone and place an "ism" on a person. 

I've had people post "antinomianism" on my page, I'm not part of any "ism", but I do study both early and current church history and beliefs and I pick and choose from many different views out of the bunch. 

Sometimes we throw out the baby with the bath water when we label something we don't fully understand as outright heresy, without picking the meat and spitting out the bones.

It's now gotten to the point where I have found that people have changed Salvation from a belief in who Christ is, what He did, and Him rising, to whether a person believes various other things or not.

Surprisingly those other things must line up with the personal belief of the person questioning another's Salvation or they now no longer are saved.

It's so silly, I tell ya.


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