What about the wounds of your past?

I enjoyed this, by way of RefineUs Ministries, http://refineus.org/the-worst-thing-with-your-past/:

Author Brennan Manning says this in his book, Abba’s Child:

In a futile attempt to erase our past, we deprive the community of our healing gift. If we conceal our wounds out of fear and shame, our inner darkness can neither be illuminated nor become a light for others.

What if your past could be leveraged to heal? What if your greatest failures could help others avoid failure? What if the wounds you’ve accumulated could be healing balm to others who are wounded? What if the abuse you’ve experienced could set others free from the pain of their abuse? What if your addiction could be a catalyst to liberate others?

What if freedom, true freedom is found not in trying to hide our past; pretending like nothing happened, but in running head first into the darkest parts of our past. It is there that Jesus’ light shines brightest.

Fear will tell you to hide. Shame will demand you keep quiet. The truth is that fear and shame are only defeated as we come out of hiding and break our silence. The wounds that used to define us can be scars that point others to the One that heals, and makes all things new.

Freedom from your past is found as you share it.

Don’t deprive us of your gift. The worst thing you could do with your past is bury it. Bring it into the light. Allow us to learn from it and watch God redeem it.


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