Does satan have more loyalty than God?

Sometimes it seems that Christians believe that satan has more loyalty to his followers, those unsaved, than God does to His children.

By that I mean that many see destructive things happening in this nation and around the world and they believe it is God's judgment, but we know that the thief comes to steal kill, and destroy, but we assume that the thief is too loyal to his followers to steal from them, kill them, and destroy them and those around them, we incorrectly assume that the enemy only attacks Christians. That God is destroying those walking in unbelief with these natural disasters and other ways to get His payback, and the Christians in those places are just collateral damage.

News flash, satan hates all humans. Whether you have a current relationship with Christ or not, he doesn't care! he wants all humans deceived and destroyed especially those before they have a chance to be drawn to the Father. You get that? he doesn't want to take a chance that the Gospel will reach their hardened hearts and the scales will fall from their eyes and they will be able to walk in dominion and power and destroy his works.

What easier way to avoid that happening but by destroying them or hardening their hearts even more towards a God that they assume brought nothing but pain and destruction into their lives? Also when we, Christians or otherwise, indulge in sins it opens doors to attacks from the enemy. It's a byproduct of our choices and decisions, especially those Christians that don't walk in the true power of the Blood of Jesus and expect, or call upon themselves, disaster by not feeling the victory He won by His Blood was enough to cleanse and keep you for good.

So why are Christians so bent on accusing God and not realizing that the enemy is more than capable of attacking and destroying humans with disasters and other ways being that he is the god of this world, prince of the air, etc.? Why are so many Christians not aware that the enemy and his legions hate all humankind?

Like I said, sometimes it seems like Christians believe that satan has more loyalty to his followers than God does to His children. My God gave His Son for the world, entire world, everyone, all the world's sins have been forgiven on the cross. Some don't accept this free gift that's unfortunately their decision, but my God is patient, wanting none to perish. He paid a heavy price for the victory at the cross and His judgment is reserved for another day, days spoken of in scripture, and those days are not these days, and that judgment may not be what it is currently interpreted as.


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