Interpretation: the greatest idol.

I've found when discussing the scriptures with others that we don't disagree, or debate, the words written, we disagree, or debate, over the interpretation.

I find as humans that type of mentality infiltrates more than just books, it infiltrates our interactions with those we are in relationship with, or that we speak with in passing.

We seem to place so much value on our own interpretations of a variety of things, that we end up elevating an interpretation, no matter how false it may end up being, above Love.

We stop walking in Love because we in fact have made our interpretations of things, whether it's due to past experiences, hurt, pain, our self centered wisdom, or a variety of other things, into an idol. An idol that rules our lives.

We don't have to live like this.

We have a better way.

We know a better Way, Truth, and Life.

Let's walk in Love, and only Love.

What do we really have to lose walking in His way, walking in Love?


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