What is the value?

When you are willing to discard relationships over petty things, it shows the value the relationship actually had to you.

If something is of value, no matter the circumstances, you treat it as such and put all you can into restoration.

You walk in humility, you don't argue over "rights", you are quick to forgive, and slow to anger.

Above all, you do not walk in judgment, your immediate thought isn't that the actions of another were for any selfish, or insensitive purposes, rather that they made an innocent mistake and you show them grace and welcome them home to your arms.

We can learn a lesson from Jesus when He spoke of a lost sheep, a lost coin, and a lost son.

We can learn a lesson from Jesus when He went to a cross for those that cried for His death.

The common denominator in His parables, and his actions at the cross, was that He was motivated by the value of the things that were lost, and the ones that crucified Him.

Because of that value, the return and restoration of those things, and people, were paramount to the one who lost them.


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