What kinds of Christians are there?

I've seen political Christians, racist Christians, murderous Christians, judgmental Christians, doubting Christians, nasty Christians, self righteous Christians, gluttonous Christians, vain Christians, selfish Christians, addicted Christians, impolite Christians, speeding Christians, slow Christians, intelligent Christians, ignorant Christians, manipulative Christians, dirty Christians, gossiping Christians, vindictive Christians, conservative Christians, liberal Christians, giving Christians, greedy Christians, unsympathetic Christians, FOX News watching Christians, self-centered Christians, dishonest Christians, sex crazed Christians, cursing Christians, fearful Christians, sick Christians, violent Christians, pacifist Christians, war-mongering Christians, black, white, red, yellow, brown, green, purple, Christians, angry Christians, depressed Christians, anxious Christians, uncertain Christians, hypocritical Christians, Zionist Christians, un-Christ like Christians, turn or burn Christians, legalistic Christians, and completely Love & Grace filled Christians, but the loudest voices of the church keep saying that gay Christians can't exist.

Yeah, I find that quite doubtful...


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