God is judging America!!!

God is not doing anything bad to America, he actually wants us all young, old, black, white, asian, native, latino, jewish, indian, muslim, etc. to come to know Him in this country so we can be filled with Love and have a giving heart towards all, around the world, and guide more into a freedom filled, life giving relationship with Him.
Blood moons, harbingers, storms, torturous wrath, all that nonsense is not how He operates, drop your messed up view of the book of revelation, and the ignorant view those in the OT had of God, and realize the depth of John 3:16 and the absolute lengths He is willing to go to bring His children home.
God is Love, Love is perfectly defined in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. Jesus came to clear up the image of God in the eyes of those misled in the OT about the character of God.
Don't regress into being blinded to who He is by fear mongering, ignorant speakers that have an economical or sociological interest in keeping people lapping up their vomit, and that still see through the glass darkly regarding a relationship with Love that would wipe the scales from their eyes.
Love casts out fear. Fear is not of God.


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