Read your bible... The right way.

I think a slightly better tagline would be read the bible in light of the finished work of Christ, the law of love, the Holy Spirit, and using right division.

There are 43,000 denominations that all share the same bible, the kkk uses the bible, and various other cults, and usually what has infected their interpretations are not believing, or knowing, that the work of Jesus made a difference, not using a lens of love by not understanding that the number one attribute of their God is Love, letting their own emotions or biases lead them to interpret things a certain way, which usually is in a manner to read into it that their god hates the same people they seem to hate, or is a task master like their earthly father or early influences were, and not knowing the who, what, why, and when regarding a particular scripture.

Mix that in with a little bit of believing that someone with letters behind their name knows more, when they simply were taught the specific theology of what the college, bible school, or seminary they went to teaches.

This all ends up with them typically reading the bible to support an already held belief, not to confirm truth. Which as centuries has proven, the bible can be read to support almost any bad belief such as genocide, slavery, polygamy, prejudice, hate, and more.

I think that's why we should come to Him, and scripture, as children. Children are not encumbered by bias, prejudices, bitterness, anger, etc. so when you ask them what they get out of the bible or what they hear from God, it always will end up with them expressing that they heard or read "love" whether it's for them, their family, their friends, or the people of the world in general.

I think the bible is a perfect tool of God to show what's really inside someone's heart when you hear what they get out of it when they read it.

If more people would use the scriptures not as a ungainly, heavy, uncontrollable, wild swung sword, but as a scalpel in the hands of a knowledgeable surgeon, they wouldn't haphazardly toss scriptures around slicing people up.

They would delicately use it to cut out a tumor or a cancer, being very, very careful not to nick arteries, or prick other important organs, being absolutely certain to only reach the offending tissue, or not even making the first cut. Rather than cutting someone's arms, or legs, or head off as many use the scriptures today to do.

But ultimately the scriptures should point to Jesus, although they should never be a replacement to Jesus, but a compliment.


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